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Main Rules

These rules are here to ensure that everyone has a good posting experience here at Burnout Hints. Everyone is expected to follow the rules. Failure to follow the main rules will result in you being temporarily or permanently banned from the forums.


Quality of Posts

At Burnout Hints we aim to maintain a high quality of the posts on the forums. Therefore members are required to take the time and effort to write in full, structured sentences with correct spelling and punctuation. Repeated failure to follow this rule WILL result in your posts being removed and warning being issued.


No Flaming

It's basic etiquette to respect other members of the forum. This means topics or posts with the aim at being hostile or insulting towards another member are not allowed. If you feel a post has been made which personally insults you use the report button ( ) to report the post. DO NOT reply to the topic with a similar message.


No Discrimination

Discrimination against race, gender, sexuality, religion, age or nationality is not allowed. This means using terms which are considered offensive to a group are not allowed neither are posts which attack another member because of his/her race, gender, sexuality, religion, age or nationality.

No Spamming

Spam is a message which does not contribute to the forum. For example a reply of simply "lol" is not allowed. Try to make your replies relevant to the topics discussion.


No Advertising

If you have your own website then do not create a new topic to advertise it. There is a topic located here where members can make posts to advertise their website. You can also advertise your website in your signature, avatar and profile. Feel free to post links to other websites if they contribute to the forum.


No Unsuitable Material

Posting of explicit images or links to such material is not allowed. Generally, anything not suitable to people under the age of 16 should not be posted.


Due to the negligence of its developers to properly support DLC, discussion of Warez relating to Burnout Paradise is allowed. Warez discussions related to other digital products such as Windows or various games is allowed, but all users are encouraged to obtain digital products by legal means. thewindowsfreak has reserved the right to lock/delete any thread he thinks is destructive to our community.

Members who do not follow these rules will be issued with a verbal warning first. If they continue to break the rules a formal punishment will be issued. Punishments will be a loss of posting privileges.


Other Posting Guidelines

These guidelines are to be followed by everyone. They outline some behavior which is allowed and not allowed. Bans will only be issued if a member repeatedly breaks these rules.


  • Post your topics in the correct forum. For example, if you are posting a topic to discuss the latest iPhone then post it in the Off Topic forum, not the General Gaming forum.
  • Do not post messages which stretch the forum. Large images are automatically reduced, however text is not so do not post a line of thousands of "!".
  • Posting all in capital letters is not allowed.
  • Swearing is not encouraged but not forbidden either.
  • Console wars and elitism are forbidden.
  • Do not bump your own topics unless you're adding something new to it.
  • Try not to double post. Edit your posts instead. Although this forum has a limited editing time, so double posting is allowed after your edit timer has run out.
  • Do not create multiple accounts. If you've forgot your details use the form to retrieve them.
  • Do not post others personal information on the forums.
  • If you're unsure whether something is allowed or not, PM a moderator and ask
  • Use the report button! Do not reply to the topic yourself to tell another member to follow the rules.

Signatures and Avatars Guidelines

Your signature and avatar can contain anything you wish providing it stays within the rules of the forum. You may post links to your own website or another one and use the space to advertise it.

Not Allowed:

Explicit images not suitable for under 18's

Links to explicit material not suitable for under 18's


Please read the rules; it doesn't take that much time. Save yourself from a warning or a ban

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