This is the charm of gambling games, which includes been raking in 500 million US dollars in 9 years

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For a casino game reporter, it could be unwise to speak about your lack of video game knowledge. Even though it's simply out of expert interest, individuals will need it for given that people should understand the overall game industry well.
However, frankly speaking, it is nearly impossible to understand every game work, especially fresh mobile games about the mobile marketplace. As a result, as a game information reporter, I have to admit that "I have never played "Coin Expert".

Formerly, PocketGamer had a lot of reports about the casual video gaming mobile video game "Gold Coin Master". Initially, in-app reviewers found out this game in February 2018 and provided a negative review, calling it a "superficial sport with obvious exploitative play".
However, this did not cease the enthusiasm of the gamers. According to reports, by October 2019, this game has earned 500 million US bucks in income. The latest data implies that in February 2020, the game's income reached a new higher, becoming the best revenue month ever.

In accordance with Sensor Tower's figures, starting from January 2019, the game exploded rapidly, along with an instant increase of 53.6% from US$10.4 million, reaching a monthly revenue of People$16 million. After March, the game's monthly revenue was always above 30 million U.S. bucks, and even between July and September, the regular monthly revenue exceeded 50 million U.S. dollars. The highest July revenue was 53.5 million U.S. bucks, a year-on-year raise of 6 Times a lot more than (7.5 million US dollars).
Judging through these data, even though industry is very critical, it generally does not affect players' love associated with the game. This is really worth thinking about: Why is the enthusiasm for the game still soaring after so many years, and just why will be its revenue still growing recently?
With these questions, in the past week, I also started to play this game. From individual practice, I started to understand why people are still fascinated by it.
Rotating the roulette makes people unable to stop at all
On the surface, "Gold Coin Master" is a cartoon-style simulation construction game. Players spin the roulette in the overall game and have a chance to win coins or gold bags and earn trophies. In this manner, players can use these coins to create powerful villages. When your village is strong enough, the ball player can upgrade the particular level and unlock the next village. The more villages you occupy, the better rewards players will get.
Almost all importantly, the overall game also offers some relaxing sociable mechanisms. In the overall game, players can assault other players' villages, destroy their structures and earn coins. In addition, players can also dig treasures in their very own villages to raid "Gold Coin Masters".

There are many methods to play the game. Furthermore, players can also acquire loot by gathering cards and animals. Your pet collection system provides certain rewards in accordance with different procedures of the player in the overall game. Actually, getting coins isn't even the concentrate of the game. From the daily free spin roulette program, players can often spin hundreds of thousands of coins, and players may use these coins to build a new building.
In fact, "Gold Coin Master" attracts players by its energy system, which firmly captures the players' attention through details such as drive notifications, pop-up windows in the overall game, continuous launch of activities, and the image of a one-armed pirate that is constantly rotating. In the overall game, gamers have countless possibilities to spin the roulette free of charge. People can't stop at all. They are able to only indulge in it again and again, struggling to extricate themselves.
Fascinating energy system
In "Gold Coin Get better at", the energy system may be the core of the entire game. Gamers have 5 chances to spin the roulette for free every hr, with no more than 50 spins each time. If the ball player is just enjoying casually, the transferred gold coins are enough. However, if the ball player wants to play longer, these coins will not be enough.
As players continue to make progress right from the start of the game, they will eventually unlock fresh skills, raise the number of solitary spins of the roulette three times, and set it to spin automatically. In this manner, the limit of 50 revolutions per time really becomes 16 manual revolutions and multiplied by 3 times, and there are 2 even more revolution possibilities left.
After setting the roulette wheel to spin automatically, gamers can complete the operation within a few minutes. Particularly when the conversation interface isn't attacked or raided by other players, the player's procedure is far more convenient and simple.
After the player reaches the restriction on the amount of spins, the in-game notification starts. If the ball player is not logged directly into Facebook, then each time the player works out of spins, he will receive around 4 notifications. They convey the same details: get on Facebook to get free spins, and watch this ad. Get a supplementary spin opportunity, invite friends to get more spin opportunities.
"Gold Coin Get better at" knows that people are not playing games to obtain monetary benefits. What actually attracts players is its continuous upsurge in rotation opportunities, which makes players indulge in it again and again, struggling to extricate themselves, until exhausted. However, with that said, as a casino game player, you need to do something for the favorite game.
Go to loot
In "Gold Coin Get better at", even its coin-operated video game machine is made to lock players in. Along with regular interruptions and raids on villages, players sometimes see the roulette spinning quickly, just because they are about to earn a generous trophy, also it quickly stops. Needless to say, if the player is lucky, maybe the pointer simply drops on the desired screen.
Even in the automatic rotation mode, this style has brought a positive response. Even though players do everything feasible to get rid of the spin as quickly as possible, this game will not easily "let go" them. In the game, all players have to experience ups and downs.
Simultaneously, the game itself will also have some meta-video games (meta-game identifies the use of exterior factors to influence the overall game in the overall game, or refers to things apart from the game planet itself) elements appear to enrich the overall game content and increase its curiosity. Sex. For instance, when the participant is playing a casino game, the balloon may float. At the moment, players only need to tap them to obtain free spins. Occasionally, the pets collected by the ball player will run out to dig out the treasures of the village, that may also bring free coins and spin possibilities to the ball player.

Some activities have become rewarding. Sometimes, gamers can play the "Coin Expert" game for pretty much half an hour without spending a penny. Actually if the player no more spins the roulette, the adrenaline surge brought by constant rewards will not disappear easily. In the end, regardless of what, the ball player will choose to move on and continue steadily to enhance his level.
For this reason "Gold Coin Expert" still maintains a higher income. It has nothing to do with the progress of the game, the societal mechanism, as well as the fact that the ball player can earn lots of gold coins. Of course, it is undeniable these mechanisms also have played an important role invisibly.
What's the driving push behind it? That's the feeling of spinning a roulette steering wheel; it's the sound of the last pointer turning slightly and gradually on the wheel; it is the bombardment of notifications in the application, constantly reminding gamers how to get free of charge games. This is why people are nevertheless playing "Gold Coin Get better at".
Netfox Technology has been committed to the development of chess and cards for 16 yrs and firmly believes that only green and healthy chess and card games are the potential future of the industry. As a chess and cards practitioner, we have to abide by the industry rules, abide by laws and regulations, and utilize the correct solution to advertise my country's conventional chess and cards tradition to the planet.
If you need to create a rapidly lucrative game, welcome to consult the hotline: 400-000-7043
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