Blockke Every week: Bitcoin finished the 3rd halving, we have never witnessed history, we are history itself

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Bitcoin finished the block reward halving at 3:23 am over the 12th in a block elevation of 630,000. The obstruct reward continues to be halved from 12.5BTC to 6.25BTC. We have never witnessed history. We are history itself.


1. The Dutch Monetary Power: Dutch crypto companies must register with the central bank before Might 18 or they'll cease operations. According to CoinDesk's Might 5 news, the Dutch Monetary Power stated on Mon that Dutch cryptocurrency companies must register with the central bank before Might 18. The country's main bank is authorized, otherwise it'll immediately cease procedures. The Bank of holland is taking motion to quickly implement a strengthened edition of the Dutch anti-money laundering (AML) regulation. To be able to adhere to the EU's anti-money laundering directive and the standards set with the Financial Action Job Force, these laws were passed in the Dutch parliament last month.

2. Guangzhou released implementation opinions on advertising the advancement and development of the blockchain industry


On May 6, the Guangzhou Bureau of Market and IT issued a discover over the issuance of the "Guangzhou City's Execution Opinions on Advertising the Development and Advancement of the Blockchain Market (2020-2022)". The opinion pointed out that the development objective of the Guangzhou blockchain sector is to break through a batch of core crucial technologies at the bottom of the blockchain by 2022, expose and cultivate 2-3 leading domestic blockchain companies with core technology; The construction of a demonstration zone for your famous software city in China featuring chain, build 2-3 block string sector bases, and cultivate several key enterprises on the market with safe and stable obstruct chain products. At exactly the same time, the opinions stated the key jobs of Guangzhou's development of the blockchain sector: 1. Promote the primary technology of the blockchain. 2. Fortify the structure of blockchain advancement platform.

3. Judge: Bitcoin ought to be protected by law, but it does not have the legal standing as currency

According to news from your People's Court, on May 6th, Shanghai Simply no. 1 Intermediate People's Court publicly pronounced an attractiveness against a Bitcoin-related foreign property damage settlement dispute. The second instance discovered that Bitcoin is a virtual property on the Internet and should be protected by law and attained through illegal means. All bitcoins ought to be returned or discounted compensation. The test judge Liu Jiang pointed out that the People's Bank of China along with other ministries and commissions have released "Notice on Preventing Bitcoin Dangers" (2013), "Announcement on Preventing Token Issuance Funding Dangers" (2017) along with other documents, but didn't compare Special foreign currency is denied because the property of goods, and China's laws and administrative regulations do not prohibit the possession of Bitcoin. The "Notice on Preventing Bitcoin Dangers" even mentions that "with regards to nature, Bitcoin ought to be a specific virtual commodity." Thus, Bitcoin gets the attributes of virtual property and virtual goods and really should be protected by law. Nevertheless, the "Notice" along with other documents refuse the legal standing of including such "virtual currencies" as currencies. Bitcoin along with other "virtual currencies" cannot and really should not be utilized as currencies in blood flow in the market. Liu Jiang reminded that investors should spend rationally, control dangers reasonably, and keep maintaining the safety of these own property.


4. Ministry of Market and IT: Encourage corporations and research institutions to increase the research and application of security technology methods such as for example blockchain traceability


On May 7, according to a report from Cina Securities Network, the overall Office of the Ministry of Market and IT issued a discover on deepening the overall development of the cellular Internet of Stuff. Notification specifications to consolidate the essential security of the mobile Web of Things. Establish a framework for cellular IoT security standards and formulate a series of hierarchical and classified security management standards for key hyperlinks such as for example IoT cards, terminals, and gateways. Encourage corporations and research institutions to increase the research and application of security technology such as reliable authentication technology for cellular IoT terminals and blockchain traceability. Accelerate the structure of mobile Web of Things protection supervision technical means, and enhance real-time monitoring features such as protection situation awareness, credit card terminal management, and risk earlier warning.

5. The European Main Bank highlights that Libra offers huge financial stability risks


On May 7, according to Zhibao, European customers accounted for just 10% of all Facebook customers, but 18% of the reserve assets stated by Libra will undoubtedly be Euros. Which means that the Eurozone encounters a huge threat of capital inflows. A report released with the European Central Bank on May 5 implies that if there are no global regulatory steps, Libra will achieve a scale of about 3 trillion euros (3.24 trillion All of us dollars), which 230 billion of net funds will flow into the euro, or make Libra became the biggest money market finance in Europe. Even let's assume that Libra is only used as a way of payment, the web inflow of money has already reached 12 billion euros. According to the Libra Association's declaration, 80% of the reserve assets are government bonds having a maturity of less than 3 months and above A+ rating. However, the size of bonds that meet this necessity in the entire Eurozone in 2019 is only 268.8 billion, that may deepen the existing European presence. The problem of scarcity of collateral. For the foreign currency market, to be able to create more collateral, either the Eurozone will unwind the rating standards or Libra will unwind the reserve resource conditions, either will seriously affect the financial market stability following the issuance of Libra. At exactly the same time, 80% of reserve possessions committed to short-term bonds implies that Libra is dealing with massive roll-over pressure.

6. The Sichuan authorities report: It'll seize the commercial highlands such as for example blockchain

According to a report by Tencent Science and Technology, at the 3rd meeting of the 13th Sichuan Provincial People's Congress that opened up on the morning of Might 9, the task report of the Sichuan Provincial People's Government submitted towards the Congress for deliberation stated that Sichuan will adhere to the established direction and develop a The batch of characteristic pillar industries, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, commercial Internet, 5G system applications and ultra-high-definition movie, has also turn out to be an commercial highland that Sichuan will seize.


1. a16z $515 million crypto finance: looking for another Big Thing

a16z is definitely much participant in the encryption field. From the initial Coinbase and Ripple to afterwards Oasis, Chia, Compound, Maker, Dfinity, Near, etc., it hasn't stopped buying crypto companies or projects. At this point it introduced the launch of a $515 million crypto finance plan. This is not a whim, but a schedule operation. So behind its regular operations, how is certainly a16z deliberate?

2. Filecoin launched the state hard drive, so that additional 500 mining machine merchants won't live?

Filecoin's actions this year are unusually regular. Although the mainnet continues to be postponing, the testnet offers given long-awaited investors see the lighting. On May 11, the next phase of examining will begin. Lately, Filecoin launched a brandname known as Filecoin Discover. Under this brand name, Filecoin launched a difficult drive. The issue with this motion is, will the looks of this recognized hard drive impact the cake of additional IPFS miner manufacturers available on the market?


3. How much money can you make by taking part in ETH2.0 Staking?

How much benefit can I obtain from taking part in ETH 2.0 Staking? What are the risks of taking part in staking? When will the profit be made the fastest? This article takes you to totally understand the facts of ETH 2.0 Staking benefits.

4. Why I believe Loot is the most significant token category within the next 5 years

So far, we have been discussing the relationship between tokens and financial returns within the narrow scope of the token agreement. Even our debate of NFTs frequently focuses on profits on return rather than economic or personal value. Perhaps this is because: Within this field, a lot of mainstream thinking and research comes from opportunity capitalists and purchase funds. This is not a bad factor, but venture capital funds only get token economic benefits through capital rather than through contributions. Thus, their interest in tokens that need to be gained through contributions is certainly naturally low. For this reason I think up to now "the main token category within the next 5 years is not clearly described and discussed."

1. Zou Chuanwei: The effect of DC/EP on foreign currency and payment


In 04 2020, the People's Bank of Cina DC/EP started examining in Jiangsu, Xiongan, Chengdu and Shenzhen, which aroused a lot of discussion and study. At exactly the same time, there are a few controversies: very first, the effect of DC/EP on charge card payments, especially the "four-party model"; second, the effect of DC/EP on third-party obligations; third, the effect of DC/EP on RMB cross-border obligations Impact; 4th, the effect of DC/EP on foreign currency, which includes whether DC/EP will cause foreign currency oversupply and press up inflation, whether it'll create a narrow bank, and whether it'll significantly effect the standing of commercial banks. This article gives preliminary answers to these four queries.


2. The halving is certainly imminent, can these Bitcoin signals predict the bull market?

What can we find from the info over the Bitcoin chain? We can discover that since Dec 2017, the amount of addresses holding more than 1 Bitcoin offers increased by 69,000. When the price of Bitcoin is certainly near its maximum, the amount of addresses keeping Bitcoin for under a year often increases considerably. Since 2019, the amount of addresses holding more than 1,000 BTC offers increased by more than 50%. What perform these indicators mean?

3. Why is Bitcoin not well-known in high-inflation nations?

There is a very common look at in the foreign currency group: those nations that are suffering from serious inflation and extreme devaluation of lawful currency have a huge demand for Bitcoin. However the facts are far from it: Although Venezuela utilizes digital foreign currency, the per capita transaction volume is far less than that of developed countries; although people in high-inflation nations can use digital foreign currency for remittance and purchase, there is presently no evidence that there are a large number of consumers or companies Remit money with digital foreign currency. A Venezuelan journalist revealed that the use of digital currencies in the neighborhood area is a lot less than we thought.


4. Can the decentralized anchor gold coin "tBTC" have the urge for food of BTC customers?

At BTC-anchored cash, tBTC continues to be “decentralized” to the maximum, thereby enhancing protection, reducing trust costs, and escalating adoption, making it famous earlier. tBTC announced recently that it'll release a series of important updates in the last half month, and it'll be officially launched on May 11. Just how tBTC is designed for decentralization, and what are the hidden "lightning points" of tBTC following a series of complicated designs, this article will analyze one by one.


1. The open system platform NEAR mainnet POA edition went live, finished 21.6 million All of us dollars in funding, a16z directed the investment

On May 4, the open up network platform NEAR introduced that the mainnet POA edition has been formally launched. At exactly the same time, it introduced that it offers finished a $21.6 million funding, directed by a16z, and another 40 purchase institutions participated in this round of funding, including Pantera Capital, Libertus, Blockchange, Pet Endeavors, Distributed Global, Notation Capital, etc.

The NEAR group stated which the launch of the mainnet POA edition implies that the multi-stage release of the agreement has officially started. Developers can currently create DApps over the smart contract platform based on the NEAR agreement, and the status of the DApps can also be maintained.


2. Robinhood obtained US$280 million in Series F financing, directed by Sequoia Capital

May 5 news, San Francisco-based stock and cryptocurrency trading platform Robinhood introduced on Monday it has finished a All of us$280 million Series F financing having a valuation of All of us$8.3 billion. Sequoia Capital (Sequoia Capital) directed the investment, current and new investments People (which includes NEA, Ribbit Capital, 9Yards Capital and Unusual Endeavors) have participated in this round of funding.

Robinhood attained a cryptocurrency working license released by the New York STATE DEPT. of Financial Services in January 2019, that may provide services for purchasing, selling, and storing 7 cryptocurrencies.

3. Ember Finance, a creator of cryptocurrency purchase applications, raised All of us$700,000

On May 6, according to Sludgefeed, the cryptocurrency purchase application startup Ember Finance raised a complete of 700,000 US dollars through Reg CF funding and angel shared investment.

The Ember app was launched this past year and allows customers to purchase cryptocurrency portfolios. The business enterprise style of Ember Fund would be to have a 1.5% commission from all transactions.

4. Zhongxiang Jinlian finished tens of millions of A circular of financing

On May 6, according to official resources, Jiangsu Zhongxiang Jinlian Technology Co., Ltd. offers finished a 10 million yuan A circular of financing. Up to now, the company's valuation has transferred the 100 million indicate.

Jiangsu Zhongxiang Jinlian Technology Co., Ltd. (PeerFintech) had been established in November 2016 by Beijing Zhongxiang Little bit Technology Co., Ltd. (PeerSafe), which was the first to develop blockchain technology in China, concentrating on blockchain + conventional industries.


5. The Israeli protection company Hub Protection completed a All of us$5 million Series A financing directed by AXA Ventures

On May 8th, Hub Protection, a cyber protection corporation headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, offers completed a All of us$5 million Series A financing directed by AXA Endeavors. The crowdfunding platform OurCrowd also participated in this round of funding. The company plans to use this circular of funding to expand Team and technical items.

Hub Security is certainly building a relatively standard hardware protection module (HSM) with regards to hardware and using FPGA acceleration. At exactly the same time, it is building a small hardware budget having a micro HSM with an integral firewall, EMI shielding, and anti-tampering equipment. In terms of software, the business provides equipment for managing signature bank and authorization workflows, in addition to machine learning-based equipment designed to predict system cyber attacks.


6. Bitcoin ATM corporation Coinme finished a All of us$10 million Series A financing directed by Pantera Capital

On May 8th, Bitcoin ATM corporation Coinme finished a All of us$10 million Series A financing directed by Pantera Capital.

Coinme is the first US corporation approved to operate a Bitcoin ATM. Pantera Capital revealed that as well as the physical ATM solutions provided by Coinme in cooperation with Coinstar at the physical level, Coinme also builds an API which includes all ATM features and can incorporate solutions into all ATMs through the API.

7. General Protocols offers finished a seed circular of funding of USD 1 million and will develop AnyHedge, a BCH-based intelligent contract derivative product

It was documented on May 8 that General Methods, a decentralized financial startup, raised more than $1 million in seed financing. Investors include well-known cryptocurrency trader Marc De Mesel and BCH "opinion chief" Molecular.

Anyhedge is an open source derivative tool that may be embedded in exchanges and OTC platforms, allowing it to use smart contracts to create brand new markets. Furthermore, previous employees Rosco Kalis and Marcel Chuo have also joined General Methods. General Protocols formerly organized and helped set up the BCH fundraising task


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