Baby mask 5_18 is for sale! Superstore collar masks add "renew now" function, on-line face mask SOP and comparison of three main purchase channels

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move). However, the All-Union and The Associated Press remain unable to sign up for the face mask 3.0 pre-order because of lack of card reading equipment.
The pre-order process of Kiosk multi-function provider machine is as follows:
-Stage 1: Go through the "Mask Collection Area" in each multi-function workplace, and select mask pre-order-
-Action 2: Go through and confirm the terms
-Phase 3: Insert the health insurance policy card-Step 4: Enter the mobile phone number and confirm personal information
-Stage 5: Choose to buy mask specifications (only adults or kids under 16 years old can choose masks)
-Step 6: Confirm buy details
-Step 7: Print out the pre-order payment slip to the counter to look at, and obtain the mask selection slip
-Step 8: Get the cover up receipt type and pick it up in the supermarket shop when pre-ordered (the sixth wave of pick-up period is from April 30 to May 13)
In addition, through the cellular phone "Health Insurance Autotoll App" with this influx of pre-order processes is also a lot more simplified, it is possible to pay immediately at the moment of pre-order, you don't need to wait 3 days.
7-ELEVEN 7-ELEVEN will undoubtedly be updated on April 19th. Cover up 3.0 will be on the road. Cover up 3.0 is certainly coming! Following the successful start of pre-order masks around the cellular phone "Healthcare Autotoll App", for that convenience of the general public, the four main supermarkets will join the pre-order ranks (not only receive them)! All supermarket wise business devices (for instance, ibon or FamiProt) may also be able to go through health insurance cards and offer first-line pre-order services.
The Professional Yuan revealed that the service will undoubtedly be launched on Apr 22, and an statement will be manufactured in the Professional Yuan review on Monday. As for the pre-purchase of the business enterprise device, the receipt of the tiny white bill is usually directly used to look at with money or payment devices. The details are still being confirmed.
At present, the three major purchase channels are in comparison. Pre-ordering of the Health Insurance Autotoll App just requires one trip to the supermarket, but you must understand that the payment can be completed on the day of remittance. For your pre-order from the supermarket, folks have to visit the supermarket twice. After the 1st pre-order of the business enterprise machine, You must go directly to the counter to check out with a little white slip. Once you keep the receipt, it is possible to pick it up next week with the receipt. For the 3rd pharmacy, you can buy it following a trip outside of Weekend. No pre-order is necessary, but the challenge is possible Need to queue up and sell out.
Three major purchase stations for masks within the digital era. After the daily production capacity of masks in Taiwan surpassed 15 million items, the public became more familiar with the process of shopping for masks on the web. After bi-weekly pre-orders continued the road, pre-orders for adults and children had been opened for the first time the other day, and the number of pre-orders arrived at 2.545 million. Person-times, but the total production capacity of logistics can assistance 3.33 million person-times, and the specific supply continues to be quite abundant.
On 04 17th, the Main Epidemic Command Center said nowadays (17) that the amount of people pre-ordering with the real-name face mask 2.0 system is increasing. Consider the postman who provides the mask, as well as the pharmacist, pharmacist and health clinic who assist in the submission of real-name masks. At the staff's effort, to be able to give them time and energy to rest, since Apr 19, masks won't be distributed to medical insurance exclusive pharmacies and health centers participating in the real-name system every Sunday.
The command center further remarked that when the pharmacy still offers unsold masks from Mon to Saturday, and it is open on Sundays and willing to sell, additionally it is happy to see that Qicheng has no objection, and thanks a lot for its excitement for support. The real-name face mask 2.0 operation method has become increasingly more convenient, and it is recommended that the public can use online pre-purchase methods to buy masks.
Update on April 14 The Main Epidemic Command Middle stated on April 14 the fifth phase of real-name 2.0 online shopping will be pre-ordered from 04 15. In addition to the original mature masks, three-dimensional masks for children aged 4-8 will be purchased on an effort basis. People also make reservations through the Emask face mask pre-order system. It should be noted that this time it is pre-purchasing how big is children's masks. The CDC pointed out that the total provide is definitely 6 million pieces, and the provide is enough, and there must be no over-drawing.
How to buy masks for children App? The child must also follow the process to join up for medical insurance card network service on the official website of the Health Insurance Department, get ready the card audience and the child health insurance credit card, and then complete the network authentication (start to see the detailed step-by-step instructions on the web page below), and register the mobile device. The same medical health insurance Autotoll App allows adults to buy masks for children.
The labor-saving technique is to purchase through medical Insurance coverage Autotoll App that assists the child's health insurance insured parents. Confirm that the family associate field within the App's health passbook function gets the child registration title. Then, you can begin pre-purchasing kid masks at 8 feel on 04 15. The number of children's masks differs from that of grown ups. The shipping fee must be calculated separately, however the statement can be combined.
In addition, because of the high proportion of adults buying child masks, the age limit for buying child masks will be restored. Starting 04 23, medical health insurance credit cards under 16 (inclusive) will undoubtedly be restricted to buy child masks.
The online shopping of children's masks will start on 04 15. Please be aware that it is the smallest size among children's masks. The CDC Command word Center stated that following the opening of adults to buy child masks, it is estimated that nearly a quarter of children's masks were bought by adults. To be able to protect children's priority to use child masks, it'll resume on April 23 (Thursday night). , Children's masks are usually subject to age group restrictions. Only medical health insurance credit cards under 16 (inclusive) can buy children's masks. Emask online pre-orders will undoubtedly be implemented with the pick-up period from 04 23, from 04 15 to Apr 17 (pick-up period from 04 23 to May 6) for the fifth period.
Based on the command center, starting from the next day (15), a full-scale on-line purchase of children's three-dimensional masks will undoubtedly be trialed through the Emask cover up pre-order system. The size is about half-folded amount of less than 8 cm and width of significantly less than 12 cm. Individuals who get on the Emask program will automatically recognize their age. Only if they're under 16 years of age will they will have the choice of grownup or kid masks. The rest of the purchase procedure is equivalent to adult masks.
Extended reading: Taiwan's technology and technologies epidemic avoidance receives purchases from 20 nations! 2 tables to find out what are the outcomes of the rapid testing test, new medications, and vaccines?
The fifth stage from the real-name mask program started over the 15th, and online pre-orders for children's masks were also trialled. The Main Epidemic Command Middle updated on April 1 The third wave of on-line pre-order masks begins on Apr 1 and will last for three days. Please make an effort. The fourth wave of on the internet pre-orders will also be launched. The National MEDICAL HEALTH INSURANCE Agency's notice is definitely April 8th! Please remember to create a scheduled appointment within the time limit.
Chen Shizhong, the commander of the Central Epidemic Order Center for your up-date on March 30, mentioned that due to the significant upsurge in mask production, for that convenience of the Chinese individuals, the process of buying masks will undoubtedly be relaxed: beginning with April 9th, child masks will change from 5 masks in seven days to 14 10 pills per day; for your adult part, originally 3 pills per seven days, changed to 9 capsules per 2 weeks.
The CDC also stated that the third wave of on-line cover up real-name 2.0 pre-orders begins on Apr 1. Online buyers will be able to buy a 2-7 days quota and 9 items in 2 weeks. At the same time, adult medical health insurance cards may also buy child masks, but The number of items has been risen to 10 parts, and the amount of encounter masks for grown ups will be transformed to 9 parts.
The physical purchase also removes the restriction on one and double split purchases of ID cards and can be purchased every day. In addition, additionally it is open to send out to overseas family. Every two months, 30 tablets can be sent to family of second-class relatives. Commander Chen Shizhong described that the calculation of the number to be sent to overseas family members and friends is dependant on the calculation that Chinese people can buy 36 pills in 2 months. After 2 several weeks, 30 tablets can be sent, in order that overseas relatives can use 1 pill in 2 days.
On March 28, the next influx of real-name mask 2.0 had been updated, and a complete of 1 1.73 million people successfully pre-ordered in three times! This can be a substantial enhance from the first influx of 990,000 individuals.
Payment starts within the 28th! Three times, the latest update function: all stations pre-purchased masks, can use credit card / online banking / ATM move and remittance! You can even pay for your loved ones in one payment!
The first wave of real-name mask 2.0 on-line shopping continues to be finished. About one million individuals who pre-purchase will go to supermarkets to get masks. March 26 is the first time the four supermarkets pick up the goods. Have you got the masks yet? Remember to gather it from March 26th to Apr 1st, you'll be disqualified following the deadline.
The second wave of real-name mask 2.0 pre-orders in addition has started on March 25. "Digital Instances" comes with an exclusive preview. The third influx of pre-orders will start on 04 1st! Quite simply, online buys of masks are usually about to keep up with the speed of bodily pharmacies that "you can buy three parts every seven days."
Extended reading: How to buy on-line pre-order masks? System operation training and 9 key QA
As online masks can be purchased in line with the state version date, in the future, "Digital Occasions" will upgrade the National Health Insurance Department's purchase time, payment and collection period for each wave of on the web pre-order "Mask Real-Name 2.0". Make sure you stay tuned.
Digital Age Here are a few historical figures which have to be documented:

* The first influx of real-name face mask 2.0 premiered seven days, and the full total amount of pre-orders arrived at 1.178 million, but the final 180,000 people did not pay, and a complete of 997,000 individuals bought masks.
* The number of days in the initial influx of masks can be: seven days for pre-purchase, three times for payment, and a week for collection. 1.73 million people pre-ordered, but in the finish 1.56 million people successfully payed for masks.
* The second wave of real-name masks has been shortened: three times for pre-purchase, three days for payment, and seven days for collection.
* For the first time, the third influx of masks real-name system will open up 9 masks for grown ups for two weeks, at a price of 52 yuan (9*5 + 7=52), and a total of 1 1.996 million authorized pre-orders. The "open pre-order times" have been shortened. At the same time, the pre-order interval between the previous wave which wave is more compact, and the receipt of the first influx of masks has been synchronized with the physical pharmacy. Don't forget to pre-order the second wave online.
According to the official announcement, at 9 p.m. on the first day of pre-order on March 25, 737,000 individuals effectively pre-purchased masks through the health insurance plan autotoll APP cellular phone authentication, and 148,000 individuals effectively pre-purchased masks through the Ministry of Financial website by placing the health insurance coverage card, a complete of 88.5 Ten thousand individuals, this number is certainly more than the first day of the first wave of on the internet shopping, obviously more hands-on.
It is really worth noting that when the amount of pre-orders exceeds the quota of masks, a lottery is still required. If the lottery isn't productive, the quota for the current week can still be grasped and purchased at the physical pharmacy.
MEDICAL HEALTH INSURANCE Autotoll up-to-date the buy of masks page. Health Insurance Section Supermarket Face mask SOP Why don't we follow the ways to perform the mask selection! The Ministry of Health and Welfare has slightly adjusted the selection method. You do not need to bring private ID certificates such as ID credit cards or health insurance cards. You only need to keep in mind the "pickup serial quantity" and enter the final 4 digits of one's personal ID cards to get it.

* Go directly to the supermarket chosen during pre-order.

* Pay attention to the pre-order synchronization using the discount, since there is only one chance, each supermarket will also offer a rise purchase plan. Note that the additional purchase discount must be purchased on the spot when the mask is received. Multiple discounts could be enjoyed at exactly the same time, but only a single discount for the mask.
Remember to confirm whether to get at a higher price, there's only one discount. Wang Yulun Photography
* Enter the pick-up serial number to the supermarket business machine. The multi-function inkjet printer has a cover up area, you need to get into the "receiving serial number" and the final 4 digits of one's ID card when you click on it. Photograph by Wang Yulun
* Print out the pick-up list (small white list) and grab the goods in the counter. Get a small white listing Wang Yulun Photography
* Please check up on site once you pick up the goods in the supermarket. When there is damage or defacement, please change it in systems of 3 pieces at the same time; when there is no defacement, you can not exchange the goods. 14 key Q&A The following are 14 important QA about cover up real-name program 2.0:
Q1: Why if the pharmacy mechanism end up being changed? Individuals who don't know how exactly to shop online won't be able to buy it?
A1: Following the online pre-order will go online, it is possible to still purchase it on the pharmacy. Pre-ordering is merely to give individuals who can't fall into line one more selection.
Q2: It isn't fair. People who don't possess a card viewer can't purchase it!
A2: It doesn't matter if you do not have a card viewer. You can download the Health Insurance plan Autotoll app. Because it is a real-name program, the mobile phone (not just the number) you intend to use should be your own app, and that means you don't require a card reader, you should use the APP straight You can purchase it after qualification!
Q3: The federal government system is unreliable, it'll definitely crash, and you will see mask scalpers?
The3: The pre-purchase program from information protection to bandwidth comes after the same system as the tax declaration system, and you will see real-name authentication. Not only maybe there is no scalpers, there will also be no network traffic problems!
Q4: You will want to just email it directly?
The4: If the ordinary letter is shipped and put into the mailbox, there could be a risk of loss and lots of disputes. If signed up, the expense of postage is higher, and you must sign for this. In addition, it's estimated that millions of masks were purchased in the initial week, that is equivalent to millions of pieces of postal mail to be shipped within a 7 days. This will place plenty of strain on the frontline postal realtors and post office logistics, and it'll also be serious. Affect the efficiency and convenience of other letters.
Q5: Let's the chief from the village deliver it?
A5: There are lots of people who function away from home and don't reside in their household registration addresses. If they are sent with the village chief, many people will not obtain it. For those in need to get it, through online shopping, individuals who need it but don't have time to line up can get masks.
Q6: Sending to the postman can be exhausting, and packing is exhausting towards the clerk. You will want to group it before delivery?
The6: In process, the masks this time around will be packed in the respective logistics centers of the four main supermarkets in a special environment, and you will be packaged by dedicated personnel, and delivered from the respective logistics according to the order level of the store chosen by the buyer. It is already packaged 3 Films, also decrease the super store staff hoping to lessen the burden. The front-line clerk paid a lot at the epidemic avoidance and worked very hard. Super-businessmen also assisted by assisting in the submission of masks, reducing the burden over the post office. We all interact to tide over the difficulties.
Q7: Shipping costs are more expensive than masks.
A7: The face mask for this program is usually 15 yuan per person for 3 items, and the shipping fee will be 7 yuan. There will be no problem which the freight is more expensive than masks
Q8: It is still the most realistic cover up vending machine.
A8: As long as this is a fair plan that allows everyone to get masks, the federal government is ready to evaluate and consider. The cost of vending machines is usually relatively high, and relevant units are under conversation.
Q9: You will want to measure more? Simply buy it once a month?
A9: There will be a rolling review every week. Currently, online pre-orders and pharmacies are usually queuing up. The cycle frequency, number of tablets and rules are the exact same, which is reasonable. At exactly the same time, masks are still prioritized for medical care and special schooling students. After a steady increase in output in the foreseeable future, it will definitely increase slowly.
Q10: Can family members buy and ship together?
A10: In order to be fair and real-named, one's identification certification can only just pre-purchase one's own masks. If you can find seniors who do not operate well, of course, they can entrust their family to help. In the future, as long as there's a mechanism that can facilitate everyone to get masks, the federal government will find ways to evaluate and include them!
Q11: Do you sell kid masks? Why not sell child masks?
A11: At present, because the majority of pharmacies can buy children's masks without queuing, on the web purchasing of children's masks isn't very effective, and the system must be stable at the start of the system, so only grownup masks are provided. If the result increases in the foreseeable future, the amount of children's masks that may be purchased will increase significantly, and online pre-orders will be considered.
Q12: Someone inquired when there is a handling fee for ATM move payment?
A12: Since April last year, each account provides one transfer deal of significantly less than RMB 500 per day. There is absolutely no handling fee, so you can make good usage of it.
Q13: EASILY register on the site on 3/12? I already paid on 3/24? MAY I still go directly to the pharmacy to line up to buy it?
The13: The purchase of masks begins every seven days from Thursday, and the pre-orders from 3/26 (Thursday) to 4/1 (Wednesday) will be registered as soon as 3/12. So before 3/26, regardless of whether you have registered or paid, it is possible to still use your wellbeing insurance card to get at the actual physical pharmacy according to the current rule of three pills once every a week and adults as soon as. (As attached table)
Q14: If I have picked up the goods on 3/26-4/1, if I did not make an application for online shopping on 4/2-4/9, when can I go directly to the pharmacy to buy again?
A14: This is the day from the week when your last physical pharmacy purchase was made. Then you can start buying on a single day of the week following the Wednesday that the online purchasing and pick-up finishes.
Pickup on 3/26 is undoubtedly the quota used for that week. After the registration is granted and one week before the pick-up (3/19-3/25), it is possible to still buy it on the physical store, and the rule continues to be to buy once every seven days. The purchase day at the bodily store after the pick-up in the current week of 3/26 is based on the purchase time of the prior week (such as 3/21 purchase, the next purchase date is usually 3/28), when you have not purchased on the bodily pharmacy for a lot more than 7 days , The purchase will undoubtedly be established to 3/26 uniformly. Even though the card is locked in the future (seven days after 3/28 can be 4/4), it will not affect the online purchase rights, because the two current techniques do not issue, and the next round of sessions If the enrollment is scheduled for 4/2, it really is expected that the products will be picked up every other week or every two weeks.

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