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Blockke Every week: Bitcoin finished the 3rd halving, we have never witnessed history, we are history itself

Posted by The Best DApp Games on August 10, 2020 at 11:45 AM

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Bitcoin's third halving, ETH2.0 Staking detailed explanation, Libra massive financial risk, a16z 500 million US dollars encrypted finance, Filecoin official hard disk, Bitcoin is shielded by law, NEAR mainnet series, Sichuan seizes the blockchain highland, tBTC, DC/EP, Ministry of Market and IT.

Bitcoin finished the block reward halving at 3:23 am over the 12th in a block elevation of 630,000. The obstruct reward continues to be halved from 12.5BTC to 6.25BTC. We have never witnessed history. We are history itself.


1. The Dutch Monetary Power: Dutch crypto companies must register with the central bank before Might 18 or they'll cease operations. According to CoinDesk's Might 5 news, the Dutch Monetary Power stated on Mon that Dutch cryptocurrency companies must register with the central bank before Might 18. The country's main bank is authorized, otherwise it'll immediately cease procedures. The Bank of holland is taking motion to quickly implement a strengthened edition of the Dutch anti-money laundering (AML) regulation. To be able to adhere to the EU's anti-money laundering directive and the standards set with the Financial Action Job Force, these laws were passed in the Dutch parliament last month.

2. Guangzhou released implementation opinions on advertising the advancement and development of the blockchain industry


On May 6, the Guangzhou Bureau of Market and IT issued a discover over the issuance of the "Guangzhou City's Execution Opinions on Advertising the Development and Advancement of the Blockchain Market (2020-2022)". The opinion pointed out that the development objective of the Guangzhou blockchain sector is to break through a batch of core crucial technologies at the bottom of the blockchain by 2022, expose and cultivate 2-3 leading domestic blockchain companies with core technology; The construction of a demonstration zone for your famous software city in China featuring chain, build 2-3 block string sector bases, and cultivate several key enterprises on the market with safe and stable obstruct chain products. At exactly the same time, the opinions stated the key jobs of Guangzhou's development of the blockchain sector: 1. Promote the primary technology of the blockchain. 2. Fortify the structure of blockchain advancement platform.

3. Judge: Bitcoin ought to be protected by law, but it does not have the legal standing as currency

According to news from your People's Court, on May 6th, Shanghai Simply no. 1 Intermediate People's Court publicly pronounced an attractiveness against a Bitcoin-related foreign property damage settlement dispute. The second instance discovered that Bitcoin is a virtual property on the Internet and should be protected by law and attained through illegal means. All bitcoins ought to be returned or discounted compensation. The test judge Liu Jiang pointed out that the People's Bank of China along with other ministries and commissions have released "Notice on Preventing Bitcoin Dangers" (2013), "Announcement on Preventing Token Issuance Funding Dangers" (2017) along with other documents, but didn't compare Special foreign currency is denied because the property of goods, and China's laws and administrative regulations do not prohibit the possession of Bitcoin. The "Notice on Preventing Bitcoin Dangers" even mentions that "with regards to nature, Bitcoin ought to be a specific virtual commodity." Thus, Bitcoin gets the attributes of virtual property and virtual goods and really should be protected by law. Nevertheless, the "Notice" along with other documents refuse the legal standing of including such "virtual currencies" as currencies. Bitcoin along with other "virtual currencies" cannot and really should not be utilized as currencies in blood flow in the market. Liu Jiang reminded that investors should spend rationally, control dangers reasonably, and keep maintaining the safety of these own property.


4. Ministry of Market and IT: Encourage corporations and research institutions to increase the research and application of security technology methods such as for example blockchain traceability


On May 7, according to a report from Cina Securities Network, the overall Office of the Ministry of Market and IT issued a discover on deepening the overall development of the cellular Internet of Stuff. Notification specifications to consolidate the essential security of the mobile Web of Things. Establish a framework for cellular IoT security standards and formulate a series of hierarchical and classified security management standards for key hyperlinks such as for example IoT cards, terminals, and gateways. Encourage corporations and research institutions to increase the research and application of security technology such as reliable authentication technology for cellular IoT terminals and blockchain traceability. Accelerate the structure of mobile Web of Things protection supervision technical means, and enhance real-time monitoring features such as protection situation awareness, credit card terminal management, and risk earlier warning.

5. The European Main Bank highlights that Libra offers huge financial stability risks


On May 7, according to Zhibao, European customers accounted for just 10% of all Facebook customers, but 18% of the reserve assets stated by Libra will undoubtedly be Euros. Which means that the Eurozone encounters a huge threat of capital inflows. A report released with the European Central Bank on May 5 implies that if there are no global regulatory steps, Libra will achieve a scale of about 3 trillion euros (3.24 trillion All of us dollars), which 230 billion of net funds will flow into the euro, or make Libra became the biggest money market finance in Europe. Even let's assume that Libra is only used as a way of payment, the web inflow of money has already reached 12 billion euros. According to the Libra Association's declaration, 80% of the reserve assets are government bonds having a maturity of less than 3 months and above A+ rating. However, the size of bonds that meet this necessity in the entire Eurozone in 2019 is only 268.8 billion, that may deepen the existing European presence. The problem of scarcity of collateral. For the foreign currency market, to be able to create more collateral, either the Eurozone will unwind the rating standards or Libra will unwind the reserve resource conditions, either will seriously affect the financial market stability following the issuance of Libra. At exactly the same time, 80% of reserve possessions committed to short-term bonds implies that Libra is dealing with massive roll-over pressure.

6. The Sichuan authorities report: It'll seize the commercial highlands such as for example blockchain

According to a report by Tencent Science and Technology, at the 3rd meeting of the 13th Sichuan Provincial People's Congress that opened up on the morning of Might 9, the task report of the Sichuan Provincial People's Government submitted towards the Congress for deliberation stated that Sichuan will adhere to the established direction and develop a The batch of characteristic pillar industries, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, commercial Internet, 5G system applications and ultra-high-definition movie, has also turn out to be an commercial highland that Sichuan will seize.


1. a16z $515 million crypto finance: looking for another Big Thing

a16z is definitely much participant in the encryption field. From the initial Coinbase and Ripple to afterwards Oasis, Chia, Compound, Maker, Dfinity, Near, etc., it hasn't stopped buying crypto companies or projects. At this point it introduced the launch of a $515 million crypto finance plan. This is not a whim, but a schedule operation. So behind its regular operations, how is certainly a16z deliberate?

2. Filecoin launched the state hard drive, so that additional 500 mining machine merchants won't live?

Filecoin's actions this year are unusually regular. Although the mainnet continues to be postponing, the testnet offers given long-awaited investors see the lighting. On May 11, the next phase of examining will begin. Lately, Filecoin launched a brandname known as Filecoin Discover. Under this brand name, Filecoin launched a difficult drive. The issue with this motion is, will the looks of this recognized hard drive impact the cake of additional IPFS miner manufacturers available on the market?


3. How much money can you make by taking part in ETH2.0 Staking?

How much benefit can I obtain from taking part in ETH 2.0 Staking? What are the risks of taking part in staking? When will the profit be made the fastest? This article takes you to totally understand the facts of ETH 2.0 Staking benefits.

4. Why I believe Loot is the most significant token category within the next 5 years

So far, we have been discussing the relationship between tokens and financial returns within the narrow scope of the token agreement. Even our debate of NFTs frequently focuses on profits on return rather than economic or personal value. Perhaps this is because: Within this field, a lot of mainstream thinking and research comes from opportunity capitalists and purchase funds. This is not a bad factor, but venture capital funds only get token economic benefits through capital rather than through contributions. Thus, their interest in tokens that need to be gained through contributions is certainly naturally low. For this reason I think up to now "the main token category within the next 5 years is not clearly described and discussed."

1. Zou Chuanwei: The effect of DC/EP on foreign currency and payment


In 04 2020, the People's Bank of Cina DC/EP started examining in Jiangsu, Xiongan, Chengdu and Shenzhen, which aroused a lot of discussion and study. At exactly the same time, there are a few controversies: very first, the effect of DC/EP on charge card payments, especially the "four-party model"; second, the effect of DC/EP on third-party obligations; third, the effect of DC/EP on RMB cross-border obligations Impact; 4th, the effect of DC/EP on foreign currency, which includes whether DC/EP will cause foreign currency oversupply and press up inflation, whether it'll create a narrow bank, and whether it'll significantly effect the standing of commercial banks. This article gives preliminary answers to these four queries.


2. The halving is certainly imminent, can these Bitcoin signals predict the bull market?

What can we find from the info over the Bitcoin chain? We can discover that since Dec 2017, the amount of addresses holding more than 1 Bitcoin offers increased by 69,000. When the price of Bitcoin is certainly near its maximum, the amount of addresses keeping Bitcoin for under a year often increases considerably. Since 2019, the amount of addresses holding more than 1,000 BTC offers increased by more than 50%. What perform these indicators mean?

3. Why is Bitcoin not well-known in high-inflation nations?

There is a very common look at in the foreign currency group: those nations that are suffering from serious inflation and extreme devaluation of lawful currency have a huge demand for Bitcoin. However the facts are far from it: Although Venezuela utilizes digital foreign currency, the per capita transaction volume is far less than that of developed countries; although people in high-inflation nations can use digital foreign currency for remittance and purchase, there is presently no evidence that there are a large number of consumers or companies Remit money with digital foreign currency. A Venezuelan journalist revealed that the use of digital currencies in the neighborhood area is a lot less than we thought.


4. Can the decentralized anchor gold coin "tBTC" have the urge for food of BTC customers?

At BTC-anchored cash, tBTC continues to be “decentralized” to the maximum, thereby enhancing protection, reducing trust costs, and escalating adoption, making it famous earlier. tBTC announced recently that it'll release a series of important updates in the last half month, and it'll be officially launched on May 11. Just how tBTC is designed for decentralization, and what are the hidden "lightning points" of tBTC following a series of complicated designs, this article will analyze one by one.


1. The open system platform NEAR mainnet POA edition went live, finished 21.6 million All of us dollars in funding, a16z directed the investment

On May 4, the open up network platform NEAR introduced that the mainnet POA edition has been formally launched. At exactly the same time, it introduced that it offers finished a $21.6 million funding, directed by a16z, and another 40 purchase institutions participated in this round of funding, including Pantera Capital, Libertus, Blockchange, Pet Endeavors, Distributed Global, Notation Capital, etc.

The NEAR group stated which the launch of the mainnet POA edition implies that the multi-stage release of the agreement has officially started. Developers can currently create DApps over the smart contract platform based on the NEAR agreement, and the status of the DApps can also be maintained.


2. Robinhood obtained US$280 million in Series F financing, directed by Sequoia Capital

May 5 news, San Francisco-based stock and cryptocurrency trading platform Robinhood introduced on Monday it has finished a All of us$280 million Series F financing having a valuation of All of us$8.3 billion. Sequoia Capital (Sequoia Capital) directed the investment, current and new investments People (which includes NEA, Ribbit Capital, 9Yards Capital and Unusual Endeavors) have participated in this round of funding.

Robinhood attained a cryptocurrency working license released by the New York STATE DEPT. of Financial Services in January 2019, that may provide services for purchasing, selling, and storing 7 cryptocurrencies.

3. Ember Finance, a creator of cryptocurrency purchase applications, raised All of us$700,000

On May 6, according to Sludgefeed, the cryptocurrency purchase application startup Ember Finance raised a complete of 700,000 US dollars through Reg CF funding and angel shared investment.

The Ember app was launched this past year and allows customers to purchase cryptocurrency portfolios. The business enterprise style of Ember Fund would be to have a 1.5% commission from all transactions.

4. Zhongxiang Jinlian finished tens of millions of A circular of financing

On May 6, according to official resources, Jiangsu Zhongxiang Jinlian Technology Co., Ltd. offers finished a 10 million yuan A circular of financing. Up to now, the company's valuation has transferred the 100 million indicate.

Jiangsu Zhongxiang Jinlian Technology Co., Ltd. (PeerFintech) had been established in November 2016 by Beijing Zhongxiang Little bit Technology Co., Ltd. (PeerSafe), which was the first to develop blockchain technology in China, concentrating on blockchain + conventional industries.


5. The Israeli protection company Hub Protection completed a All of us$5 million Series A financing directed by AXA Ventures

On May 8th, Hub Protection, a cyber protection corporation headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, offers completed a All of us$5 million Series A financing directed by AXA Endeavors. The crowdfunding platform OurCrowd also participated in this round of funding. The company plans to use this circular of funding to expand Team and technical items.

Hub Security is certainly building a relatively standard hardware protection module (HSM) with regards to hardware and using FPGA acceleration. At exactly the same time, it is building a small hardware budget having a micro HSM with an integral firewall, EMI shielding, and anti-tampering equipment. In terms of software, the business provides equipment for managing signature bank and authorization workflows, in addition to machine learning-based equipment designed to predict system cyber attacks.


6. Bitcoin ATM corporation Coinme finished a All of us$10 million Series A financing directed by Pantera Capital

On May 8th, Bitcoin ATM corporation Coinme finished a All of us$10 million Series A financing directed by Pantera Capital.

Coinme is the first US corporation approved to operate a Bitcoin ATM. Pantera Capital revealed that as well as the physical ATM solutions provided by Coinme in cooperation with Coinstar at the physical level, Coinme also builds an API which includes all ATM features and can incorporate solutions into all ATMs through the API.

7. General Protocols offers finished a seed circular of funding of USD 1 million and will develop AnyHedge, a BCH-based intelligent contract derivative product

It was documented on May 8 that General Methods, a decentralized financial startup, raised more than $1 million in seed financing. Investors include well-known cryptocurrency trader Marc De Mesel and BCH "opinion chief" Molecular.

Anyhedge is an open source derivative tool that may be embedded in exchanges and OTC platforms, allowing it to use smart contracts to create brand new markets. Furthermore, previous employees Rosco Kalis and Marcel Chuo have also joined General Methods. General Protocols formerly organized and helped set up the BCH fundraising task


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This is the charm of gambling games, which includes been raking in 500 million US dollars in 9 years

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For a casino game reporter, it could be unwise to speak about your lack of video game knowledge. Even though it's simply out of expert interest, individuals will need it for given that people should understand the overall game industry well.
However, frankly speaking, it is nearly impossible to understand every game work, especially fresh mobile games about the mobile marketplace. As a result, as a game information reporter, I have to admit that "I have never played "Coin Expert".

Formerly, PocketGamer had a lot of reports about the casual video gaming mobile video game "Gold Coin Master". Initially, in-app reviewers found out this game in February 2018 and provided a negative review, calling it a "superficial sport with obvious exploitative play".
However, this did not cease the enthusiasm of the gamers. According to reports, by October 2019, this game has earned 500 million US bucks in income. The latest data implies that in February 2020, the game's income reached a new higher, becoming the best revenue month ever.

In accordance with Sensor Tower's figures, starting from January 2019, the game exploded rapidly, along with an instant increase of 53.6% from US$10.4 million, reaching a monthly revenue of People$16 million. After March, the game's monthly revenue was always above 30 million U.S. bucks, and even between July and September, the regular monthly revenue exceeded 50 million U.S. dollars. The highest July revenue was 53.5 million U.S. bucks, a year-on-year raise of 6 Times a lot more than (7.5 million US dollars).
Judging through these data, even though industry is very critical, it generally does not affect players' love associated with the game. This is really worth thinking about: Why is the enthusiasm for the game still soaring after so many years, and just why will be its revenue still growing recently?
With these questions, in the past week, I also started to play this game. From individual practice, I started to understand why people are still fascinated by it.
Rotating the roulette makes people unable to stop at all
On the surface, "Gold Coin Master" is a cartoon-style simulation construction game. Players spin the roulette in the overall game and have a chance to win coins or gold bags and earn trophies. In this manner, players can use these coins to create powerful villages. When your village is strong enough, the ball player can upgrade the particular level and unlock the next village. The more villages you occupy, the better rewards players will get.
Almost all importantly, the overall game also offers some relaxing sociable mechanisms. In the overall game, players can assault other players' villages, destroy their structures and earn coins. In addition, players can also dig treasures in their very own villages to raid "Gold Coin Masters".

There are many methods to play the game. Furthermore, players can also acquire loot by gathering cards and animals. Your pet collection system provides certain rewards in accordance with different procedures of the player in the overall game. Actually, getting coins isn't even the concentrate of the game. From the daily free spin roulette program, players can often spin hundreds of thousands of coins, and players may use these coins to build a new building.
In fact, "Gold Coin Master" attracts players by its energy system, which firmly captures the players' attention through details such as drive notifications, pop-up windows in the overall game, continuous launch of activities, and the image of a one-armed pirate that is constantly rotating. In the overall game, gamers have countless possibilities to spin the roulette free of charge. People can't stop at all. They are able to only indulge in it again and again, struggling to extricate themselves.
Fascinating energy system
In "Gold Coin Get better at", the energy system may be the core of the entire game. Gamers have 5 chances to spin the roulette for free every hr, with no more than 50 spins each time. If the ball player is just enjoying casually, the transferred gold coins are enough. However, if the ball player wants to play longer, these coins will not be enough.
As players continue to make progress right from the start of the game, they will eventually unlock fresh skills, raise the number of solitary spins of the roulette three times, and set it to spin automatically. In this manner, the limit of 50 revolutions per time really becomes 16 manual revolutions and multiplied by 3 times, and there are 2 even more revolution possibilities left.
After setting the roulette wheel to spin automatically, gamers can complete the operation within a few minutes. Particularly when the conversation interface isn't attacked or raided by other players, the player's procedure is far more convenient and simple.
After the player reaches the restriction on the amount of spins, the in-game notification starts. If the ball player is not logged directly into Facebook, then each time the player works out of spins, he will receive around 4 notifications. They convey the same details: get on Facebook to get free spins, and watch this ad. Get a supplementary spin opportunity, invite friends to get more spin opportunities.
"Gold Coin Get better at" knows that people are not playing games to obtain monetary benefits. What actually attracts players is its continuous upsurge in rotation opportunities, which makes players indulge in it again and again, struggling to extricate themselves, until exhausted. However, with that said, as a casino game player, you need to do something for the favorite game.
Go to loot
In "Gold Coin Get better at", even its coin-operated video game machine is made to lock players in. Along with regular interruptions and raids on villages, players sometimes see the roulette spinning quickly, just because they are about to earn a generous trophy, also it quickly stops. Needless to say, if the player is lucky, maybe the pointer simply drops on the desired screen.
Even in the automatic rotation mode, this style has brought a positive response. Even though players do everything feasible to get rid of the spin as quickly as possible, this game will not easily "let go" them. In the game, all players have to experience ups and downs.
Simultaneously, the game itself will also have some meta-video games (meta-game identifies the use of exterior factors to influence the overall game in the overall game, or refers to things apart from the game planet itself) elements appear to enrich the overall game content and increase its curiosity. Sex. For instance, when the participant is playing a casino game, the balloon may float. At the moment, players only need to tap them to obtain free spins. Occasionally, the pets collected by the ball player will run out to dig out the treasures of the village, that may also bring free coins and spin possibilities to the ball player.

Some activities have become rewarding. Sometimes, gamers can play the "Coin Expert" game for pretty much half an hour without spending a penny. Actually if the player no more spins the roulette, the adrenaline surge brought by constant rewards will not disappear easily. In the end, regardless of what, the ball player will choose to move on and continue steadily to enhance his level.
For this reason "Gold Coin Expert" still maintains a higher income. It has nothing to do with the progress of the game, the societal mechanism, as well as the fact that the ball player can earn lots of gold coins. Of course, it is undeniable these mechanisms also have played an important role invisibly.
What's the driving push behind it? That's the feeling of spinning a roulette steering wheel; it's the sound of the last pointer turning slightly and gradually on the wheel; it is the bombardment of notifications in the application, constantly reminding gamers how to get free of charge games. This is why people are nevertheless playing "Gold Coin Get better at".
Netfox Technology has been committed to the development of chess and cards for 16 yrs and firmly believes that only green and healthy chess and card games are the potential future of the industry. As a chess and cards practitioner, we have to abide by the industry rules, abide by laws and regulations, and utilize the correct solution to advertise my country's conventional chess and cards tradition to the planet.
If you need to create a rapidly lucrative game, welcome to consult the hotline: 400-000-7043
Scan the QR code to include a senior chess consultant

Baby mask 5_18 is for sale! Superstore collar masks add "renew now" function, on-line face mask SOP and comparison of three main purchase channels

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move). However, the All-Union and The Associated Press remain unable to sign up for the face mask 3.0 pre-order because of lack of card reading equipment.
The pre-order process of Kiosk multi-function provider machine is as follows:
-Stage 1: Go through the "Mask Collection Area" in each multi-function workplace, and select mask pre-order-
-Action 2: Go through and confirm the terms
-Phase 3: Insert the health insurance policy card-Step 4: Enter the mobile phone number and confirm personal information
-Stage 5: Choose to buy mask specifications (only adults or kids under 16 years old can choose masks)
-Step 6: Confirm buy details
-Step 7: Print out the pre-order payment slip to the counter to look at, and obtain the mask selection slip
-Step 8: Get the cover up receipt type and pick it up in the supermarket shop when pre-ordered (the sixth wave of pick-up period is from April 30 to May 13)
In addition, through the cellular phone "Health Insurance Autotoll App" with this influx of pre-order processes is also a lot more simplified, it is possible to pay immediately at the moment of pre-order, you don't need to wait 3 days.
7-ELEVEN 7-ELEVEN will undoubtedly be updated on April 19th. Cover up 3.0 will be on the road. Cover up 3.0 is certainly coming! Following the successful start of pre-order masks around the cellular phone "Healthcare Autotoll App", for that convenience of the general public, the four main supermarkets will join the pre-order ranks (not only receive them)! All supermarket wise business devices (for instance, ibon or FamiProt) may also be able to go through health insurance cards and offer first-line pre-order services.
The Professional Yuan revealed that the service will undoubtedly be launched on Apr 22, and an statement will be manufactured in the Professional Yuan review on Monday. As for the pre-purchase of the business enterprise device, the receipt of the tiny white bill is usually directly used to look at with money or payment devices. The details are still being confirmed.
At present, the three major purchase channels are in comparison. Pre-ordering of the Health Insurance Autotoll App just requires one trip to the supermarket, but you must understand that the payment can be completed on the day of remittance. For your pre-order from the supermarket, folks have to visit the supermarket twice. After the 1st pre-order of the business enterprise machine, You must go directly to the counter to check out with a little white slip. Once you keep the receipt, it is possible to pick it up next week with the receipt. For the 3rd pharmacy, you can buy it following a trip outside of Weekend. No pre-order is necessary, but the challenge is possible Need to queue up and sell out.
Three major purchase stations for masks within the digital era. After the daily production capacity of masks in Taiwan surpassed 15 million items, the public became more familiar with the process of shopping for masks on the web. After bi-weekly pre-orders continued the road, pre-orders for adults and children had been opened for the first time the other day, and the number of pre-orders arrived at 2.545 million. Person-times, but the total production capacity of logistics can assistance 3.33 million person-times, and the specific supply continues to be quite abundant.
On 04 17th, the Main Epidemic Command Center said nowadays (17) that the amount of people pre-ordering with the real-name face mask 2.0 system is increasing. Consider the postman who provides the mask, as well as the pharmacist, pharmacist and health clinic who assist in the submission of real-name masks. At the staff's effort, to be able to give them time and energy to rest, since Apr 19, masks won't be distributed to medical insurance exclusive pharmacies and health centers participating in the real-name system every Sunday.
The command center further remarked that when the pharmacy still offers unsold masks from Mon to Saturday, and it is open on Sundays and willing to sell, additionally it is happy to see that Qicheng has no objection, and thanks a lot for its excitement for support. The real-name face mask 2.0 operation method has become increasingly more convenient, and it is recommended that the public can use online pre-purchase methods to buy masks.
Update on April 14 The Main Epidemic Command Middle stated on April 14 the fifth phase of real-name 2.0 online shopping will be pre-ordered from 04 15. In addition to the original mature masks, three-dimensional masks for children aged 4-8 will be purchased on an effort basis. People also make reservations through the Emask face mask pre-order system. It should be noted that this time it is pre-purchasing how big is children's masks. The CDC pointed out that the total provide is definitely 6 million pieces, and the provide is enough, and there must be no over-drawing.
How to buy masks for children App? The child must also follow the process to join up for medical insurance card network service on the official website of the Health Insurance Department, get ready the card audience and the child health insurance credit card, and then complete the network authentication (start to see the detailed step-by-step instructions on the web page below), and register the mobile device. The same medical health insurance Autotoll App allows adults to buy masks for children.
The labor-saving technique is to purchase through medical Insurance coverage Autotoll App that assists the child's health insurance insured parents. Confirm that the family associate field within the App's health passbook function gets the child registration title. Then, you can begin pre-purchasing kid masks at 8 feel on 04 15. The number of children's masks differs from that of grown ups. The shipping fee must be calculated separately, however the statement can be combined.
In addition, because of the high proportion of adults buying child masks, the age limit for buying child masks will be restored. Starting 04 23, medical health insurance credit cards under 16 (inclusive) will undoubtedly be restricted to buy child masks.
The online shopping of children's masks will start on 04 15. Please be aware that it is the smallest size among children's masks. The CDC Command word Center stated that following the opening of adults to buy child masks, it is estimated that nearly a quarter of children's masks were bought by adults. To be able to protect children's priority to use child masks, it'll resume on April 23 (Thursday night). , Children's masks are usually subject to age group restrictions. Only medical health insurance credit cards under 16 (inclusive) can buy children's masks. Emask online pre-orders will undoubtedly be implemented with the pick-up period from 04 23, from 04 15 to Apr 17 (pick-up period from 04 23 to May 6) for the fifth period.
Based on the command center, starting from the next day (15), a full-scale on-line purchase of children's three-dimensional masks will undoubtedly be trialed through the Emask cover up pre-order system. The size is about half-folded amount of less than 8 cm and width of significantly less than 12 cm. Individuals who get on the Emask program will automatically recognize their age. Only if they're under 16 years of age will they will have the choice of grownup or kid masks. The rest of the purchase procedure is equivalent to adult masks.
Extended reading: Taiwan's technology and technologies epidemic avoidance receives purchases from 20 nations! 2 tables to find out what are the outcomes of the rapid testing test, new medications, and vaccines?
The fifth stage from the real-name mask program started over the 15th, and online pre-orders for children's masks were also trialled. The Main Epidemic Command Middle updated on April 1 The third wave of on-line pre-order masks begins on Apr 1 and will last for three days. Please make an effort. The fourth wave of on the internet pre-orders will also be launched. The National MEDICAL HEALTH INSURANCE Agency's notice is definitely April 8th! Please remember to create a scheduled appointment within the time limit.
Chen Shizhong, the commander of the Central Epidemic Order Center for your up-date on March 30, mentioned that due to the significant upsurge in mask production, for that convenience of the Chinese individuals, the process of buying masks will undoubtedly be relaxed: beginning with April 9th, child masks will change from 5 masks in seven days to 14 10 pills per day; for your adult part, originally 3 pills per seven days, changed to 9 capsules per 2 weeks.
The CDC also stated that the third wave of on-line cover up real-name 2.0 pre-orders begins on Apr 1. Online buyers will be able to buy a 2-7 days quota and 9 items in 2 weeks. At the same time, adult medical health insurance cards may also buy child masks, but The number of items has been risen to 10 parts, and the amount of encounter masks for grown ups will be transformed to 9 parts.
The physical purchase also removes the restriction on one and double split purchases of ID cards and can be purchased every day. In addition, additionally it is open to send out to overseas family. Every two months, 30 tablets can be sent to family of second-class relatives. Commander Chen Shizhong described that the calculation of the number to be sent to overseas family members and friends is dependant on the calculation that Chinese people can buy 36 pills in 2 months. After 2 several weeks, 30 tablets can be sent, in order that overseas relatives can use 1 pill in 2 days.
On March 28, the next influx of real-name mask 2.0 had been updated, and a complete of 1 1.73 million people successfully pre-ordered in three times! This can be a substantial enhance from the first influx of 990,000 individuals.
Payment starts within the 28th! Three times, the latest update function: all stations pre-purchased masks, can use credit card / online banking / ATM move and remittance! You can even pay for your loved ones in one payment!
The first wave of real-name mask 2.0 on-line shopping continues to be finished. About one million individuals who pre-purchase will go to supermarkets to get masks. March 26 is the first time the four supermarkets pick up the goods. Have you got the masks yet? Remember to gather it from March 26th to Apr 1st, you'll be disqualified following the deadline.
The second wave of real-name mask 2.0 pre-orders in addition has started on March 25. "Digital Instances" comes with an exclusive preview. The third influx of pre-orders will start on 04 1st! Quite simply, online buys of masks are usually about to keep up with the speed of bodily pharmacies that "you can buy three parts every seven days."
Extended reading: How to buy on-line pre-order masks? System operation training and 9 key QA
As online masks can be purchased in line with the state version date, in the future, "Digital Occasions" will upgrade the National Health Insurance Department's purchase time, payment and collection period for each wave of on the web pre-order "Mask Real-Name 2.0". Make sure you stay tuned.
Digital Age Here are a few historical figures which have to be documented:

* The first influx of real-name face mask 2.0 premiered seven days, and the full total amount of pre-orders arrived at 1.178 million, but the final 180,000 people did not pay, and a complete of 997,000 individuals bought masks.
* The number of days in the initial influx of masks can be: seven days for pre-purchase, three times for payment, and a week for collection. 1.73 million people pre-ordered, but in the finish 1.56 million people successfully payed for masks.
* The second wave of real-name masks has been shortened: three times for pre-purchase, three days for payment, and seven days for collection.
* For the first time, the third influx of masks real-name system will open up 9 masks for grown ups for two weeks, at a price of 52 yuan (9*5 + 7=52), and a total of 1 1.996 million authorized pre-orders. The "open pre-order times" have been shortened. At the same time, the pre-order interval between the previous wave which wave is more compact, and the receipt of the first influx of masks has been synchronized with the physical pharmacy. Don't forget to pre-order the second wave online.
According to the official announcement, at 9 p.m. on the first day of pre-order on March 25, 737,000 individuals effectively pre-purchased masks through the health insurance plan autotoll APP cellular phone authentication, and 148,000 individuals effectively pre-purchased masks through the Ministry of Financial website by placing the health insurance coverage card, a complete of 88.5 Ten thousand individuals, this number is certainly more than the first day of the first wave of on the internet shopping, obviously more hands-on.
It is really worth noting that when the amount of pre-orders exceeds the quota of masks, a lottery is still required. If the lottery isn't productive, the quota for the current week can still be grasped and purchased at the physical pharmacy.
MEDICAL HEALTH INSURANCE Autotoll up-to-date the buy of masks page. Health Insurance Section Supermarket Face mask SOP Why don't we follow the ways to perform the mask selection! The Ministry of Health and Welfare has slightly adjusted the selection method. You do not need to bring private ID certificates such as ID credit cards or health insurance cards. You only need to keep in mind the "pickup serial quantity" and enter the final 4 digits of one's personal ID cards to get it.

* Go directly to the supermarket chosen during pre-order.

* Pay attention to the pre-order synchronization using the discount, since there is only one chance, each supermarket will also offer a rise purchase plan. Note that the additional purchase discount must be purchased on the spot when the mask is received. Multiple discounts could be enjoyed at exactly the same time, but only a single discount for the mask.
Remember to confirm whether to get at a higher price, there's only one discount. Wang Yulun Photography
* Enter the pick-up serial number to the supermarket business machine. The multi-function inkjet printer has a cover up area, you need to get into the "receiving serial number" and the final 4 digits of one's ID card when you click on it. Photograph by Wang Yulun
* Print out the pick-up list (small white list) and grab the goods in the counter. Get a small white listing Wang Yulun Photography
* Please check up on site once you pick up the goods in the supermarket. When there is damage or defacement, please change it in systems of 3 pieces at the same time; when there is no defacement, you can not exchange the goods. 14 key Q&A The following are 14 important QA about cover up real-name program 2.0:
Q1: Why if the pharmacy mechanism end up being changed? Individuals who don't know how exactly to shop online won't be able to buy it?
A1: Following the online pre-order will go online, it is possible to still purchase it on the pharmacy. Pre-ordering is merely to give individuals who can't fall into line one more selection.
Q2: It isn't fair. People who don't possess a card viewer can't purchase it!
A2: It doesn't matter if you do not have a card viewer. You can download the Health Insurance plan Autotoll app. Because it is a real-name program, the mobile phone (not just the number) you intend to use should be your own app, and that means you don't require a card reader, you should use the APP straight You can purchase it after qualification!
Q3: The federal government system is unreliable, it'll definitely crash, and you will see mask scalpers?
The3: The pre-purchase program from information protection to bandwidth comes after the same system as the tax declaration system, and you will see real-name authentication. Not only maybe there is no scalpers, there will also be no network traffic problems!
Q4: You will want to just email it directly?
The4: If the ordinary letter is shipped and put into the mailbox, there could be a risk of loss and lots of disputes. If signed up, the expense of postage is higher, and you must sign for this. In addition, it's estimated that millions of masks were purchased in the initial week, that is equivalent to millions of pieces of postal mail to be shipped within a 7 days. This will place plenty of strain on the frontline postal realtors and post office logistics, and it'll also be serious. Affect the efficiency and convenience of other letters.
Q5: Let's the chief from the village deliver it?
A5: There are lots of people who function away from home and don't reside in their household registration addresses. If they are sent with the village chief, many people will not obtain it. For those in need to get it, through online shopping, individuals who need it but don't have time to line up can get masks.
Q6: Sending to the postman can be exhausting, and packing is exhausting towards the clerk. You will want to group it before delivery?
The6: In process, the masks this time around will be packed in the respective logistics centers of the four main supermarkets in a special environment, and you will be packaged by dedicated personnel, and delivered from the respective logistics according to the order level of the store chosen by the buyer. It is already packaged 3 Films, also decrease the super store staff hoping to lessen the burden. The front-line clerk paid a lot at the epidemic avoidance and worked very hard. Super-businessmen also assisted by assisting in the submission of masks, reducing the burden over the post office. We all interact to tide over the difficulties.
Q7: Shipping costs are more expensive than masks.
A7: The face mask for this program is usually 15 yuan per person for 3 items, and the shipping fee will be 7 yuan. There will be no problem which the freight is more expensive than masks
Q8: It is still the most realistic cover up vending machine.
A8: As long as this is a fair plan that allows everyone to get masks, the federal government is ready to evaluate and consider. The cost of vending machines is usually relatively high, and relevant units are under conversation.
Q9: You will want to measure more? Simply buy it once a month?
A9: There will be a rolling review every week. Currently, online pre-orders and pharmacies are usually queuing up. The cycle frequency, number of tablets and rules are the exact same, which is reasonable. At exactly the same time, masks are still prioritized for medical care and special schooling students. After a steady increase in output in the foreseeable future, it will definitely increase slowly.
Q10: Can family members buy and ship together?
A10: In order to be fair and real-named, one's identification certification can only just pre-purchase one's own masks. If you can find seniors who do not operate well, of course, they can entrust their family to help. In the future, as long as there's a mechanism that can facilitate everyone to get masks, the federal government will find ways to evaluate and include them!
Q11: Do you sell kid masks? Why not sell child masks?
A11: At present, because the majority of pharmacies can buy children's masks without queuing, on the web purchasing of children's masks isn't very effective, and the system must be stable at the start of the system, so only grownup masks are provided. If the result increases in the foreseeable future, the amount of children's masks that may be purchased will increase significantly, and online pre-orders will be considered.
Q12: Someone inquired when there is a handling fee for ATM move payment?
A12: Since April last year, each account provides one transfer deal of significantly less than RMB 500 per day. There is absolutely no handling fee, so you can make good usage of it.
Q13: EASILY register on the site on 3/12? I already paid on 3/24? MAY I still go directly to the pharmacy to line up to buy it?
The13: The purchase of masks begins every seven days from Thursday, and the pre-orders from 3/26 (Thursday) to 4/1 (Wednesday) will be registered as soon as 3/12. So before 3/26, regardless of whether you have registered or paid, it is possible to still use your wellbeing insurance card to get at the actual physical pharmacy according to the current rule of three pills once every a week and adults as soon as. (As attached table)
Q14: If I have picked up the goods on 3/26-4/1, if I did not make an application for online shopping on 4/2-4/9, when can I go directly to the pharmacy to buy again?
A14: This is the day from the week when your last physical pharmacy purchase was made. Then you can start buying on a single day of the week following the Wednesday that the online purchasing and pick-up finishes.
Pickup on 3/26 is undoubtedly the quota used for that week. After the registration is granted and one week before the pick-up (3/19-3/25), it is possible to still buy it on the physical store, and the rule continues to be to buy once every seven days. The purchase day at the bodily store after the pick-up in the current week of 3/26 is based on the purchase time of the prior week (such as 3/21 purchase, the next purchase date is usually 3/28), when you have not purchased on the bodily pharmacy for a lot more than 7 days , The purchase will undoubtedly be established to 3/26 uniformly. Even though the card is locked in the future (seven days after 3/28 can be 4/4), it will not affect the online purchase rights, because the two current techniques do not issue, and the next round of sessions If the enrollment is scheduled for 4/2, it really is expected that the products will be picked up every other week or every two weeks.

CryptoYC Sector Weekly _ Week 29 of 2020

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CryptoYC focuses on investment incubation in the blockchain field, focusing on DeFi, Web3, economic infrastructure, anonymous privacy, etc. We have developed the CryptoYC Benchmark, a specialized due diligence system for blockchain tasks, and provide consulting services such as homework on blockchain tasks for institutions and other professional investors.
This is actually the 32nd chapter of the CryptoYC industry weekly report, and it is a great way for CryptoYC to communicate with investors. A weekly article helps investors understand the modifications in various directions of the industry and the weekly practice of CryptoYC.
The Crypt oYC industry weekly report will popularize and introduce popular topics weekly. In the 4th 7 days of July 2020, this week introduces the worthiness of Ethereum.
Ethereum works more effectively than pure cryptocurrency. Through Ethereum, customers can make any decentralized software (ie DApp) and smart contract. In theory, programmable Ethereum can be used for any financial or governance actions.
On Ethereum, it is possible to manage electronic assets and run programs by writing codes, and much more importantly, most of these are not restricted by geographic areas. Ethereum has opened a doorway to the global economic climate. Users just need to use the Internet to access applications, products, and providers in a trustless manner. Everyone can connect to the Ethereum network and personally participate in this type of digital economy with no need for an authorized.
Text 1: On-chain ecology
The activity on the blockchain weakened slightly this week. By July 20, 2020, in accordance with DAppTotal data, the number of ETH DApp every week active addresses reached 801,300, the weekly transaction amount reached 172.73 million U.S. bucks, and the number of transactions reached 2.181 million.
The number of nodes in the Lightning Network reached 13,152, and the amount of locked Bitcoins reached 994.20. The nodes of the Lightning System continued to keep rapid growth this week.
The quantity of DeFi locked up in the Ethereum ecosystem amounts to 3.6 million ETH. CryptoYC continues to pay attention to products predicated on blockchain finance, and welcomes new DeFi products and new teams to get hold of and communicate.
1. Github activity
Github may be the world's largest code storage internet site and developer neighborhood. Through Github, we can understand the improvement of various blockchain projects and the main development tendencies of the industry.
Shape 1.1: Github exercise ranking
Databases: CryptoYC
2. DApp
DApp is a distributed program, which is a expression relative to traditional APP. As an application based on smart agreements, it is not controlled by a solitary entity. The 3rd party does not have the correct to regulate and modify the user's information. At the moment, it is mainly utilized in DeFi, games, gambling along with other fields.
2.1 Number of active DApp users
It expresses the degree of user activity of the DApp and reflects the ecological scale of the DApp.
Figure 1.2: 30-day DApp consumer activity
Databases: DAppReview
2.2 Transaction amount
It expresses the total amount of encrypted assets inside circulation about the DApp and reflects the ecological level of the DApp.
Figure 1.3: 30-day DApp transaction amount
Data source: DAppReview
3. DeFi
DeFi, that is, decentralized financing. It aims to eliminate the intermediate cost of finance based on blockchain technology, thereby improving the existing financial system.
3.1 The scale of Ethereum DeFi mortgage assets
The scale of DeFi home loan assets is used to reflect the quantity of DeFi reserves and is really a core indicator to measure the advancement of DeFi ecology.
Shape 1.4: Ethereum DeFi lock-up amount
Data source: DEFI PULSE
4. Lightning Network
The Lightning Network may be the second layer payment protocol on Bitcoin, whose purpose is to ensure instant transactions on the Bitcoin network.
4.1 Global Node Distribution of Lightning Network
The Lightning System is really a distributed infrastructure where users can build nodes to participate. The global distribution of Lightning System nodes aims to visualize the current global distribution of Lightning System nodes.
Physique 1.7: Global Node Distribution of Lightning Network
4.2 Lightning Network Data Kanban
The Lightning System Data Kanban provides comprehensive data such as the nodes of the Lightning System and the pledged Bitcoin quota.
Figure 1.8: Lightning Network Data Kanban
Data source: 1ML
2. On-chain transactions
This week, the blockchain transaction volume showed a reliable upward trend. The common transaction price of Bitcoin blocks enhanced slightly, and the common block dimension increased steadily.
1. On-chain deal volume
The transaction volume on the chain reflects the weekly transaction volume and can be used to observe the liquidity of encrypted assets on the chain.
Figure 2.1: 15-day daily transaction volume on the Bitcoin chain
Databases: TokenView
Figure 2.2: 15-day daily transaction volume on the Ethereum chain
Databases: TokenView
2. Amount of active addresses
The amount of active addresses can be used to reflect how active users are on the blockchain network.
Figure 2.3: Number of dynamic Bitcoin addresses and amount of new addresses
Databases: Tokenview
Figure 2.4: Amount of dynamic Ethereum addresses and number of new addresses
Databases: Tokenview
3. Average block size
The average block size is used to observe the data generation speed of the blockchain network and reflect the amount of network activity privately.
Figure 2.5: Ordinary Bitcoin block size in thirty days
Data source: Tokenview
Figure: 2.6: Average block size of Ethereum in thirty days
Data source: Tokenview
4. Bitcoin transaction fees per device block
Transaction fees will be the fees payed for the exchange of encrypted resources, which reflect the amount of network activity privately.
Figure 2.7: The average byte transaction charge of Bitcoin in 30 days
Data source: Tokenview
Physique 2.8: Average deal fee of Ethereum for 30 days
Databases: Tokenview
5. Address concentration
Address concentration is to track the amount of encrypted property held by users on the blockchain system, and can be used to reflect the proportion of encrypted asset prosperity and the focus of network possessions.
Bitcoin: The top two hundred holding bitcoins account for 19.08% of the total, the very best 50 keeping bitcoins account for 11.45% of the total, and the very best ten holding bitcoins take into account 5.10% of the total.
Ethereum: The very best 200 holdings of Ethereum accounted for 44.07% of the total, the top 50 holdings of Ethereum accounted for 26.74% of the full total, and the top ten holdings of Ethereum accounted for 16.00% of the total.
Shape 2.9: Bitcoin keeping concentration
Data source: TokenView
Physique 2.10: Ethereum keeping concentration
Databases: TokenView
Third, the secondary market
In the center of this week, the price of Bitcoin appeared at the bottom of the word'V' ($9073), and showed a slow rise. Futures investing volume was more sluggish and the market sentiment index was neutral.
1. TOP20 market value changes
CryptoYC counts and ranks the marketplace worth of TOP20 crypto assets weekly. Used to observe modifications in the crypto asset marketplace.
Figure 3.1: Marketplace value table of TOP20 encrypted assets
Databases: CoinMarketCap
2. Exchange investing volume
Exchange trading volume can be used to reflect the activity of spot investing of encrypted assets.
Figure 3.2: Monthly trading volume of Bitcoin exchanges
Databases: bitcoinity
3. Total every day trading level of BTC futures
The day-to-day total trading volume of bitcoin futures is an observation of the quantity of bitcoin futures trading, used to reflect the experience of the crypto asset derivatives trading market.
Figure 3.3: Day-to-day trading volume of Bitcoin futures
Data source: skew
4. CME futures open positions
The open position of CME futures is among the most important indicators of an institution's participation in the encrypted asset market, and is used to reflect the institution's participation in the encrypted asset market.
Amount 3.4: CME futures trend
Databases: skew
5. The correlation of head asset trends
The correlation of the head asset trend can be used to observe the partnership between the price fluctuations of encrypted assets, and it is convenient to measure the asset allocation plan of mainstream cryptocurrencies.
Shape 3.5: Correlation of head asset trends
Databases: skew
6. Bitcoin and gold price chart
Bitcoin and gold price chart, summarizes the price chart of Bitcoin and gold, more intuitively reflects the price trend and romantic relationship in between Bitcoin and gold.
Body 3.6: Bitcoin and gold cost correlation diagram
Databases: skew
7. Bitcoin and S &P500; price chart
S&P500;, or S&P 500, is an indicator that displays the US economy. Bitcoin and S&P500; cost charts are used to reflect their volatility correlation.
Body 3.6: Bitcoin and S&P500; correlation diagram
Databases: skew
8. Market sentiment index
The marketplace sentiment index is compiled by alternative, which displays the fear/greed tendency of marketplace traders.
Figure 3.7: 30-day marketplace sentiment index
Data source: alternative
4. BTC mining
In accordance with BiHang data, Bitcoin's computing power is usually 105.6EH/s; the issue of Bitcoin's whole network is 17.3T, the complete network's computing power is reduced, and the difficulty is increased.
1. Bitcoin processing power
The whole Bitcoin network computing power can be used to reflect the full total cost of the Bitcoin network.
Figure 4.1: Month to month Bitcoin hashrate chart
Data source: bitinfocharts
2. Bitcoin mining difficulty
The difficulty of Bitcoin mining is used to reflect the issue of obtaining income for miners.
Number 4.2: Bitcoin mining difficulty
Data source: bitinfocharts
3. Bitcoin processing power share
Bitcoin's computing power share can be used to reflect the switch inside the proportion of Bitcoin mining pool's computing strength, which shows the focus of Bitcoin's computing power privately.
Physique 4.3: Bitcoin hashrate share in seven days
Databases: BiHang
Body 4.4: Bitcoin processing power share in March
Data source: BiHang
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Can blockchain video games really earn money? Have a look at the profitability of three popular crypto game players

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Although almost all players lost money, a top player made $700,000 while enjoying the fun of the overall game at CryptoKitties.
Authentic title: "Depth? Really Make Money? Review three classic blockchain games"
Compiled by: Ryan Sean Adams
Compile: Ling Jie
Have a look at the player earnings associated with three well-known crypto games upon Ethereum. Dear crypto natives, a long time ago, this kitty offered for 170,000 US dollars.
Today you can purchase her for 138,000 US dollars.
Before, we have written articles on how best to earn money through crypto video games.
But just how much do crypto gamers earn?
That's cool. Ethereum already gets the reply. We simply need to evaluate the data.
For example, did you know?
* The median cost of CryptoKitty had been $25 at the end of 2017, and is currently worth $2.71?
* 46% of "Gods Unchained" (an electronic trading card game) players benefit from buying?
* Top cryptocurrency sport players have earned a lot more than $700,000? When I saw the data from FlipSide, I knew we had for more information information. THEREFORE I asked them, how much money can the common crypto game player make?
They came back with this particular article to greatly help us.
The open digital economy is really a crazy new field...
Before cryptocurrency, we could not really prove the scarcity of a digital asset within an untrustworthy way. Although some online games make an effort to provide an internal foreign currency, the supply and control of these digital property are arbitrarily dependant on the business that released them. Your ownership of the coins can also be revoked or modified at any time.
Encrypted collectibles will be the perfect interpretation of how blockchain can bring price, scarcity and autonomous ownership to digital games.
Encrypted collectibles are irreplaceable tokens. Which means that they are unique and can't be exchanged like cryptocurrencies. Exactly like new tennis balls are usually replaceable (effectively interchangeable), until one is signed by Roger Federer, it becomes a unique collection. By then you may make money by offering it.
How much money can people help to make by taking part in encrypted collection games?
The other day, we studied the full total revenue of the 3 hottest Ethereum collectible games: "CryptoKitties", "Gods Unchained" and "My Crypto Heros". This week, we are studying the earnings of individual players.
Let's count the best income of each player...
These sums will make you want to reconsider your job choices.
#3... GU gamers made $5k! ??
A player produced $5,000 by exchanging cards in "Gods Unchained".
"Gods Unchained" is a blockchain competitive cards game. Players bought the cards they needed during the testing phase of the game. Since October last year, they can also trade cards on the open market. Unlike additional online card games, promoting cards on the blockchain enables players to fully very own the cards they will have bought. This is the advantage of bringing traditional card games to the blockchain.
You can play this game with a simple free cards pack, but if you really want to win, you have to spend money.
The game premiered in September 20018:
-Highest net income: $ 4,580
-Median net gain: $5
-Average net gain: $45
#2...My Crypto Heros participant made $57k! ??
A new player made $57K on performing My Crypto Heroes.
"My Crypto Heroes" is really a Japanese-design role-playing battle sport in line with the Ethereum blockchain. Users can fight with heroes in history to comprehensive the task of finding uncommon items and compete with other gamers for rewards.
Initially, you can use it for free, but as soon as you start purchasing new heroes and accessories, the overall game becomes really interesting. Like the additional two video games, you may also auction the resources you own to make money. Unlike another two games, players can also earn referral fees.
Game launched inside July 2018
-Highest net gain: $57,189
-Median net gain: $2
-Average net gain: $950
#1...A CryptoKitties player made $700,000! ??
A player produced $700K by raising CryptoKitty
CryptoKitties allows players to buy, collect, breed, and offer virtual kitties on the Ethereum blockchain. Each resulting cat is unique and competitive, which means that they can only be owned by one consumer at a time.
You can't play free of charge because you need to buy cats to breed them. Breeding fresh cats only must pay transaction costs. Then you can certainly market your cat for a small commission fee.
Game launched in November 2017
-Highest net gain: US$698,887.
-Median net income: $53
-Average net gain: $1,307
Three insights Learning the open up game economy is a new technology, but these are the three things we learned from these data.
The overlap between games isn't high. We found that only 105 players made profit two different games, and none of them made profit all three games. The most common combination is players who earn money in CryptoKitties and Gods Unchained.
We expect more overlap between these three games.
Most gamers lose money (but there are a few who get large revenue). In each game, most players spend more money than they make-they lose money.
The following is the revenue distribution diagram of every game.
Although there are a few players who have obtained huge earnings by investing web3 game assets, most players may not always help to make profits. We think this is quite normal, because most players shouldn't be anticipated to take the time to understand the nuances behind each game's economy. They just want to play games and maybe one day they can earn money back.
Game selection and timing will be the most important
Gods Unchained players are most likely to make cash-46.0% of gamers earn money by investing cards; followed by My Crypto Heros, accounting for 41.7%. GU and MCH players have a great possibility to earn extra ETH by reselling in-game possessions, while those keeping CryptoKitties tend to be more difficult. Presently, just 22.3% of players make money.
There are also reasons for this. In 2017, the median price of CryptoKitty soared to more than $25 each. But today, the median cost of every kitten has fallen to $2.71. With the dramatic popularity of CryptoKitties in the ICO bubble, numerous holders who flooded into the market fell significantly behind as the value of these digital cats plummeted (and the broader crypto market).
Nevertheless, the huge inflow of funds in 2017 produced CryptoKitties probably the most profitable web3 video game to date. In accordance with our information, CryptoKitties players made typically $1,307, compared with $950 for "My Crypto Heroes" and $45 for "Gods Unchained".
Megatrend encrypted collectibles and verifiable principles of digital scarcity give a new design for the gaming and e-sports planet.
If gamers take the time to understand the nuances behind their respective economies in the game, they can usually make money (and also have fun at the same time!). Even the very best players could make a residing from it.
And this trend has simply begun. Web3 games are needs to become fascinating. It is no longer about executing Ethereum transactions to improve cats (just to keep them and resell them). Games like Gods Unchained, My Crypto Heros, Axie Infinity are getting closer and closer to the release edition of professional game studios.
What's the very best? It takes merely a game to get into the mainstream, and Ethereum and DeFi can generate the growth of the entire industry. Once there is one, the rest of the dominoes will fall.
It is just a matter of time.

New directions in the video gaming industry: What are the roles of 5G, cloud video gaming, and Cocos-BCX?

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Text | Su Banyue
Foreword: Some individuals may wonder what's the connection between 5G and games, or some individuals don't find out the specific information of 5G. Let's 1st look at a section of 5G related information.
The fifth generation of cellular communication technology (English: 5th generation mobile networks or 5th generation wireless systems, 5th-Generation, known as 5G or 5G technology) may be the latest generation of cellular cellular communication technology, and also following 4G (LTE-A, WiMax), 3G ( Extensions after UMTS, LTE) and 2G (GSM) systems. The performance targets of 5G are high data prices, reduced latency, power savings, cost decrease, increased system capability and large-scale gadget connections.
On February 27, 2018, Huawei released the first 3GPP regular 5G commercial chip Baron 5G01 and 5G commercial terminals at the MWC2018 exhibition, supporting the world's mainstream 5G frequency bands, including Sub6GHz (reduced frequency), mmWave (high frequency), theoretically A data download price of up to 2.3Gbps can be achieved.
On June 6, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued 5G commercial licenses to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Radio and Television, and China officially entered the initial year of 5G commercial use.
The benefit of the 5G network is that the data transmission rate is a lot higher than the previous cellular network, up to 10Gbit/s, faster compared to the current wired Internet, and 100 times faster than the previous 4G LTE cellular network. Another advantage is lower network latency (quicker response time), significantly less than 1 millisecond, compared to 30-70 milliseconds for 4G.
The fields of online health care, distance education, clever cities, autonomous generating and other fields driven by 5G not only contain a huge selection of billions or even trillions of blue ocean marketplace opportunities, but also the significance of public services that provide well-being for all.
In line with the characteristics of 5G, the overall game field may also be very different and will be offered to everyone in a whole new form. After reading through the next paragraph, you'll clearly realize the importance of 5G to the gaming market.
Cloud gaming
Now the largest outlet in the video gaming industry may be the cloud video gaming model.
In March this season, Google has begun to deploy the cloud sport industry, launched its cloud game platform STADIA, and founded a first-party video game studio for the overall game team. Through this system, players can split the limitations of hardware efficiency and play areas, and experience genuine 3A sport masterpieces on PCs, tablets, mobile phones and other devices only through the web.
Not merely abroad, but also in China, Cocos Game Motor and Huawei Cloud have already cooperated to deploy 5G cloud gaming business. At the ChinaJoy meeting kept from August 2nd to 5th, both parties have already brought 5G cloud video gaming technical answers to customers at the ChinaJoy BTOB exhibition hall.
On August 3, Touch Technology/Cocos held a Cocos2019 new item launch conference in Shanghai, announced the Cocos Have fun with cloud idea, and jointly initiated the forming of a cloud video game sector alliance with cloud video game industry partners.
In essence, cloud games do not do calculations locally, but only display pictures and digital button positions. The server uploads only the player's key jobs and responses. All the computing graphics of the game are usually rendered in the cloud.
Cloud gaming requires less hardware tools, and 5G technology solves the bandwidth issue. Therefore, it will be an important trend in the advancement of the game industry that cloud video games accommodate millions of people later on.
Through 5G and cloud video gaming, the external form of players playing games has been changed. Those large-scale video games that require high-efficiency consoles can only just be played through mobile phones or computers with general performance.
The changes to the game by these emerging technologies are enormous. Concerning the internal form of the overall game, after making use of blockchain technology, game items and possessions will be documented on the chain, and every product transaction could be queried on the blockchain web browser, ensuring the security of player assets and the transparency of transactions. And there is no need to worry about game makers operating in the dark to issue additional items. Once the features and quantity of each item are usually on the chain, they cannot become tampered with.
Talking about blockchain video games, we have to point out the Cocos-BCX, the project deployed by contact technology in the blockchain game industry. Because the next-generation game digital economy system, Cocos-BCX will generate a complete multi-platform sport operating atmosphere. Blockchain game programmers provide convenience and enhancement in the growth process, and at exactly the same time bring a brand new game encounter to blockchain sport users and surpass prior game forms, so that all possessions obtained in the game will be completely owned by an individual.
Blockchain games are an irresistible development path. The integration of 5G+cloud games+blockchain technology is not contradictory. On the contrary, it will make the advancement of the game industry much better and much better. What role does Cocos-BCX play in it?
Serving video game developers, making it easier to create blockchain games.
Cocos Terminal advancement interface
Because right now the threshold for sport developers to build up blockchain video games is that they must be acquainted with contract advancement in addition to developing the overall game itself. Several developers do not know about contract development and primary chain submission security. Cocos-BCX first provides IDE and interfaces to help developers submit compliant contracts easily.
BCX-NAHS-1808 nonhomogeneous digital asset standard
Comparison of present nonhomogeneous digital asset standards
Blockchain technology can be used in video games, and the biggest benefit may be the transaction and circulation of game props and assets, because it gets the qualities of safety, transparency and non-tampering. The development requirements for prop property are also very important, that will determine how programmers make blockchain sport props.
Therefore, Cocos-BCX provides examined a variety of existing nonhomogeneous digital asset requirements, and combined with needs of the overall game industry to define the BCX-NHAS-1808 non-homogeneous digital asset standard to modify all nonhomogeneous digital asset specifications which will be launched and circulated in the BCX chain Non-homogeneous digital assets.
Right now EOS, ETH, TRON, Ontology, Zilliqa and NEO all assistance this standard.
5G imagination
On August 2nd, at the initial Global Blockchain Game Ecological Conference (GBGEC), Cocos-BCX Chief Technical Advisor Kevin produced a eyesight for the combination of blockchain and cloud in the 5G era.
He envisioned: on the basis of 5G, is it possible to place the TEE trusted execution link in the cloud, and the cloud sponsor may be the node of the blockchain. Later on, the rendering and drawing of games will be completed through the cloud, and the node of the intelligent contract itself is the node of rendering. Through a series of low-level styles, the TPS issues, security issues, and trusted execution atmosphere issues of the blockchain are no longer a problem.
Kevin said these ideas would be the up coming phase of Cocos-BCX's plan to change the next-generation sport operating atmosphere through blockchain and cloud rendering technologies.
Digital item trading market
Chen Haozhi, the initiator of the Cocos-BCX project, offers mentioned the "virtual item trading marketplace" at several conferences and events, and said that virtual item investing will become a new competitive and growth point in the game industry.
At the first Global Blockchain Game Ecological Conference (GBGEC), he said: ��5G commercial and cloud video gaming technologies are mature, and the external infrastructure of blockchain technology is gradually complete. There will be four phases in the game. In this technique, blocks The chain will continue steadily to intervene in the overall game system and produce new economic models and operating versions. The virtual item transaction in the overall game market will become a fresh point of competition and development, and the blockchain is definitely expected to become the core of supporting the virtual item deal in the game market."
Recently, Chen Haozhi recognized an exclusive interview with Mars Finance and released an article titled [The era of cloud games will produce super content, and blockchain will help the game sector form a "trillion" item trading marketplace].
Specify in the article: Cocos-BCX did three things to advertise the growth of the industry through the transformation stage of the game industry.
The foremost is to lower the threshold for designers, the second reason is to provide prop standards on various chains, and the third is to provide industry reference information for developers.
last but not least
Within the era of mature development of 5G commercial, cloud gaming technology, and blockchain technology, the facial skin of the gaming industry is undergoing earth-shaking changes. And our ordinary customers can also benefit from the convenience brought by high-tech development.
As a innovator in the chain sport industry, I expect Cocos-BCX to play its huge potential and function. While serving programmers to make better and much more precious blockchain games, it also allows players to experience more interesting and shocking encounters. game.
And the three main shortcomings of blockchain games which have been criticized: low overall performance, lack of functions, and high barriers to access for users, which will be improved later on.
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Binance uses Syscoin's Ethereum Bridge as an extension remedy for BUSD

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Binance revealed that it'll use the Syscoin Bridge seeing that a tool to overcome the growth issues of Ethereum and realize the transfer of cheap BUSD stablecoins. The news came when Ethereum costs arrived at an all-time high, which prompted visitors to lookup in-depth for expansion options that might bring pressure and decrease on-chain fees.
The interoperability layer produced by Syscoin and Blockchain Foundry enables ERC20 assets to be traded on the Syscoin blockchain with significantly lower fees and higher throughput.
Bridging the gap in between Ethereum's potential plus current reality
Many of the touted use instances for Ethereum and the defi ecosystem formed around it are hindered by level problems. Microtransactions, low-value token transfers, and interaction with Ethereum dApps are usually successfully prohibited, and the common transaction cost is usually U.S. dollars instead of cents. Syscoin's Z-DAG (Zero Acknowledgement Directed Acyclic Graph) technology can perform higher throughput. In checks performed by the audit corporation Whiteblock, the technologies has proven to be able to maintain a throughput of at the very least 60,000 TPS. This is a substantial improvement when compared to current throughput of Ethereum, which has lower numbers.
As Ethereum's scale problem becomes a growing number of obvious, other blockchains may also be scrambling to position themselves as being more qualified to handle high deal volumes with out a corresponding upsurge in on-chain expenses. Matic Network's plasma-based solution is an option being explored by video gaming dApps, which depends on regular on-chain transactions, and zk-rollups is really a temporary solution preferred by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin.
Syscoin Bridge takes a different approach, establishing a two-method channel between Syscoin and Ethereum, allowing ERC20 tokens to surpass the chain of issuance. The key distinction between Syscoin Bridge and comparable interoperability solutions will be that Syscoin's channels do not need to custody assets using one chain like WBTC release a possessions on another chain. Consequently, Syscoin Bridge supports simplifying the definition of trustless transactions while enabling customers to always retain control of their property. As Dan Wasyluk, CEO of Blockchain Foundry and co-founder of Syscoin, explained: ��The Syscoin Ethereum Bridge is designed to help Syscoin provide the advantages of quick, scalable, and low-cost transactions to additional blockchain platforms. currency."
Ethereum is a victim of its own success
Ethereum can't be expanded, which prevents Ethereum from being redefined as a Defi ecosystem ideal for helping dApps, DEXs, liquidity pools, man made currencies, loan products and stable foreign currency issuance. The result will be a large numbers of failed transactions, increased gas usage, and bursts of memory space pools. Now more than one million Ethereum is transferred through clever contracts every day, and it is near to the highest level in history.
Convincing programmers and customers to attract some other blockchains that lack the network effect of Ethereum is really a big problem. Interoperability solutions such as the Syscoin Bridge enable Ethereum people to eat cakes and enjoy the access to ERC20 tokens they need in a much less crowded environment. Nevertheless, along the way of persuading the Ethereum community to take chances, Syscoin's function will be lower. The news headlines that Binance is studying Syscoin Bridge as an instrument to exchange BUSD will strengthen its place instead of Ethereum chain transactions.

Founded in 2014, Syscoin is one of the earliest crowdfunding tasks within the blockchain field. Before Ethereum presented the formal 1C0 market, it was supported by early Bitcoin technicians and fans. It effectively launched its initial mainnet in the same year.
Since then, it has achieved many notable milestones, including building the first truly decentralized DAG network, becoming a founding person in the Microsoft Central Company Identity Authentication Foundation, and joining 2Tokens as a technologies partner.
Syscoin is currently represented by the Syscoin Base, which is led by Jag Sidhu, the guide core developer.
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