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"Ethereum Kitty" isn't a blockchain sport, these are

In line with the user community, virtual commodity investing, token settlement along with other things that already exist in the game world, the word that "online games would be the first situation for blockchain apps" is unlimited.

Although you can find so many views and posts, we discovered that few people have made it very clear precisely what is a blockchain + sport, and what this sport illusion that is labeled as the near future world should look like and how to start building it. Thus, we hope to systematically straighten out and output judgmental sector views for the reference.

Based on this, the writer interviewed many older game practitioners. When confronted with the rolling tires from the blockchain, some individuals are usually accumulating all in, and some people wait and find out for the moment, but what is interesting is that after in-depth debate, we discovered that the views from the developers are remarkably consistent.

Determining blockchain games

First, talk about the position quo.

We think that Ethereum raises cats, xx raises dogs, pigs and elephants. Although it is called a casino game, there is absolutely no real game.

Back to the essence, the word sport corresponds to entertainment and encounter. Apps like increasing cats have neither play hyperlinks nor interactive experiences. Your kitty cannot even travel or eat or drink.

After all, this is a product of light gambling, and the bottom layer is financial logic. The cartoon image just adds a coating of lace to the digital assets. The client acquisition logic is the speculative psychology of "wool wool". This is the two driving pushes that game players pursue in the real world for pleasure.

You'll find nothing wrong with all the reasoning of profit-seeking. Additionally it is very successful as a low-cost customer website for the huge ecology, however the game is eventually a game, what exactly you want to focus on today is the enjoyment attribute, the value of the game, the true blockchain + sport, In other words, the game type of the next era.

Excluding all theological and metaphysical product packaging, blockchain is really a technology. The overall game can be built on the basis of the known bottom coating, which really is a Dapp or Dgame; you can even build a new bottom coating from scratch to provide developers with an open platform.

Here, we can define, the previous is called blockchain game and the latter is called game blockchain.

Let's talk about the first type, blockchain games.

Following the sizzling spots, the first batch of blockchain-based online games have appeared on the market. In line with the long-standing complications of large-scale online games such as for example plug-ins, over-issue of limited items, and the protection of off-site and cross-server transactions, virtual asset investing platforms have grown to be online games. +The "small entrepreneurial wall plug" of blockchain.

First of all, it is undeniable that the existing user communities, systems, and channels are usually indeed a bonus for effective startup. However, we've a query: buying, holding, and using tokens is really a issue of threshold, are usually game users ready to do so?●Behind this query is: Is the "pain stage" of "Safe Investing Great Sword" painful enough? Could it be painful that users spend a high cost of understanding and time and energy to use tokens? Are you currently revamping the project based on demand, or are you copying it with regard to the chain?

We believe that it is of little importance and value to correct rigidly on the initial basis, and partly adapt to the blockchain.


* A large-scale sport that will not require blockchain is already a popular product for all, proving that it generally does not require blockchain. If somebody says to be always a "blockchain version from the glory of kings", it is possibly a pseudo concept (but Destroy time's mini sport tells another story).

* In line with the immutability from the blockchain + sensible contract, copyright + transaction in the game ecology is really a field that makes sense and can be quickly chained. However, that is only part of the game. For primary players, the game experience is far more important than transaction security.

Therefore, essentially, the virtual item trading items predicated on existing games are usually separated from your core moments of the game, not really ecological, and the near future is worrying.

And when we begin from scratch to create a new "xx planet" and acquire customers with tokens, we shall return to the prior query: speculators and gamers have different driving pushes, can token holders turn into game users ?

So, how to build a complete picture and ecology? Are usually existing online games or game sorts suitable for becoming changed by blockchain?


First of all, gambling isn't in the range of our debate today. Chess and cards with gambling psychology are also shown first. We believe that the prerequisite opportunities and user foundation are the advancement and management classes, and the "big" ones will be the virtual planet and the next life category.

For example, the writer once reported how the UGC virtual product trading platform Fairy Shopping Road (PXC), the non-blockchain items from the Fairy Shopping Road have more than 20,000 designers + 3 million participant users, and 90% from the users are women. The primary gameplay is that players open a store within the virtual world, visit a designer office to select and purchase manuscripts uploaded by global designers, and "produce" clothes and run the store. From the user perspective, one is that women have the imagine "opening a store" and the confidence within the mystery of these own taste; another is that the type continues to be a traffic business, and users may choose well-known designers' hot designs, or open stores through chains. Come and be a lot more joyful.

Huang Jun, the creator of Fairy Purchasing Street, also mentioned: If you find economic circulation, people make money, but "playing" is the most elementary, and earning money is a reward.

Based on this logic, the application of blockchain can solve the real pain points from the fairy shopping street: one is the issue of plagiarism, which can not end up being tampered with can be used to confirm the proper, and the community review or survey can be compensated; the second is the content rating of the developer, each design Educators will feel that they are the very best, which is fairer and more efficient to use rewarded community user ratings; third, the transaction settlement link of sensible contracts can assure the designer's earnings. In the real world, due to the layers of income and the exploitation of Party A , The developer can only get an unstable 10% rebate.

Therefore, the basis of the living of a blockchain game will be: the game itself is reasonably fun + the blockchain solves the "core pain factors" in the game process. In this way, it is possible for you to educate users to use Token and keep on the ecology.

At the same time, we see that although some blockchain game apps can't be decentralized temporarily, they can solve de-intermediation.

In a harmless ecology, both developers of the game itself, the creators of props and virtual items in the game can directly get in touch with users, and the link between neighborhood contributors and users can be eliminated.

Although this is not the subversion of manufacturing relations, at least it is the progress of manufacturing relations.

Extending to the "virtual planet" that has received probably the most attention at this point, the gameplay will be against all Second Life online games, and logically it is still virtual asset trading.

However, do realistic mirror stories sound not "sexy" enough?

We can make an effort to substitute the film "Time Preparing Bureau", assuming that the value of each person's living = time assets = a string of numbers within the wrist = through work of time in exchange for labor to earn digital assets, assets are usually cleared for you Regarding Game Over, does this suit the production partnership from the blockchain world?

Do you also think of the storyline of "Black Mirror"? Before the advent into the future world in technology fiction films, in the wonderful world of blockchain online games, can a future full of marvelous reality be constructed first?

Talking about this, we have been about to start talking about the next type, sport blockchain.

This can be the future shape of the game, which is also the reason why all game designers are excited and gearing up. At the moment of folding in the business world, maybe they can make a casino game that has the brand of the times and it is remembered by the world, maybe they can catch To call home up to opportunities and subvert the design of huge factories.

People are always discussing that when Ethereum gets a few cats, it'll be congested. This can be a technical problem. Technology is certainly an issue, but from the root, Ethereum had not been designed for working games. So, will anyone have the technical ability to design the bottom layer that is comparable to the real-time overall performance of online flash games and accommodates the demand for game visitors?

You will see. Although there is absolutely no mature bottom, you can find already practitioners on the road of development.

For example, Haoxin Internet, a wholly-owned subsidiary from the listed business Chenxin Technology, will recently launch the "blockchain e-sports acceleration cloud" Haoxin Jingdou Cloud. Feng Wenjie, the controlling director of Chenxin Technology, told the writer that what Chenxin Technology wants to do is from your hardware from the blockchain, to the self-developed link that is more desirable for running online games, to open the SDK and offer the coating for game designers, and finally establish Complete blockchain ecology.

The complete execution of the root technology sounds a bit far away, however in fact, the concept of "open" game systems and sport ecology isn't new.

* What is an open platform? We can benchmark Taptap or WeGame, and designers can generate, upload, and distribute by themselves.

The bigwigs who understand the ecology of traditional games will naturally not quit the fertile garden soil for infrastructure building. Video (GTC) is really a player who builds a small sport ecological platform within the blockchain world.

Xu Le told the writer that what Video wants to do is really a free + completely open ecological platform, but before that, the platform must assume the role of game creator and create explosive content to detonate users.

The author thinks: The reasoning of TapTap, the fast-handed gameplay, and the addition of interpersonal gameplay to the de-intermediation ecosystem will be the empowerment from the blockchain to the game ecological platform.

* What is an open ecological game? We can benchmark the sandbox sport "Minecraft" (Minecraft), offer fundamental modules, no levels, no complicated rules, players can go through the pleasure from the creator.

Of course, the above is just an analogy. In the end, traditional games don't have the immutability of blockchain + sensible contract + Token incentives.

What you want to say here is that many concepts and ideas have already existed in the game planet, and what blockchain can provide is a harmless ecological cornerstone.

More importantly, with this game planet where both true feelings and real money are paid, tokens with liquidity and real value greatly increase the migration cost of game players and give the game itself a reliable blast of vitality.

In this fantastic story, the very best players have an opportunity to get wealthy, and ordinary players will not be empty-handed.

In addition, sport players need a sense of picture and influence. The changes brought about by blockchain technology are different from past technological iterations and devices innovations. It isn't a winning picture or perhaps a gameplay subversion. What designers have to do is to design game rules, set up a consensus mechanism, only build the bottom layer, usually do not limit gameplay and routines, usually do not preset plots and levels, everything is created by players.

The overall game blockchain is eventually the biggest creativity. It is a completely open platform without development, operation, as well as server.

What's interesting is that the idea and architecture from the blockchain is similar to a large-scale virtual game. If in an ideal open ecology, everything locally can be self-optimized. Block era, work is established, and transaction charges are paid. It is a perpetual game.

So if you make a casino game with this perpetual ecology, can it also end up being perpetual?

In fact, whenever a platform or technologies is innovated, the first wave of bonus deals always begins with the game. After all, online games are the greatest situation for fission and sinking of the, and a booster for equipment and underlying enhancements.

More importantly, enjoyment to death is the ultimate objective of profit, which is also the instinct of human character.

In a blockchain planet where humanity will be amplified, online games that originally use humanity will definitely run fast.

Finally, from your perspective from the historical modifications in the game industry, the writer wish to share a few words from professionals: "In the early years, we did cellular games within the period of Symbian system and keyboards. Later on, Jobs produced a big screen without a key pad. Everyone was wanting to know how to move the game to Apple. Somebody produced a simulation from the up, down, remaining, and right control keys, and the complete army was destroyed. Then an crazy bird came, as well as a fisherman came.

The Fishing Master already exists within the arcade, we will see this opportunity? Because they are all looking at the traditional sport mode.

In the world of games, the most important thing is usually to break the natural thinking. 

"Now there are usually 700 million players in Tiongkok and the United States, and 300 million players within the glory of Kings, which are already the masses. You can find 30 million people holding cryptocurrency, and only 10 million are usually actively trading. On the other hand, this is a niche group.

If you are using cryptocurrency to play games and you can freely trade sport digital assets, we've reason to believe that online games can assume the identification of cryptocurrency promotion ambassadors.

Special thanks: Feng Chi, CEO of Chuangshi Capital, Wenjie Feng, Handling Director of Chenxin Technology, Huang Jun, creator of Fairy Purchasing Road, Xu Le, creator of Video, Xingmu, CEO of Video game Manniu, Duan Bin, CEO of Master Interactive Enjoyment, and Bai Yupan ...And everyone who didn't want to be named.